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There aren't many brands with a sustainable profile as honest and transparent as AIAYUs.

AIAYU is pronounced ai-ja-ju, which means 'soul' in Bolivian, and it was precisely in Bolivia that history began when the founders of AIAYU discovered trays of llamas – or 'the fibers closest to heaven'.

AIAYU is designed in Denmark, but produced by its origins in Bolivia, India and Nepal. The products are long-term investments in high quality and timeless design, with a minimalist Scandinavian expression.

AIAYU is produced exclusively from natural materials, and exclusively in factories with the highest standards in ecology and ethical production. Each product is carefully woven or knitted from either GOTS certified cotton, or pesticide- and hormone-free wool and cashmere: this makes the products both beautiful and responsible at once, thanks to the integrity and quality of the local craftsmanship behind it.
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