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Classic modern bathroom equipment

Are you tired of the laundry lying and floating on the bathroom floor and would like to organize yourself a little more delicious – then you will definitely find what you are looking for at Moodings within bath accessories. Collect your laundry in the delicious laundry bag from House Doctor, which with various graphic prints puts style on your bathroom. Are you into stripes, squares, text or pattern-check out the different baskets.

Often you buy creams and make-up, which come in all sorts of beautiful colors and shapes, so why really hide them away. The practical and functional acrylic series from Nomess Copenhagen is a classic design that makes it easy to organize your things, making your morning and evening routines a breeze.

Classic timeless design

We know that it is the very small details that make the big difference – therefore, you can easily spice up your bathroom by, for example, replacing the old soap dispenser, toothbrush mug and toilet brush without having to spend a fortune. At Moodings you can buy several products from the same design series, so you can easily align your design and create clean lines.

Organize with style

If you do not have room for a heated towel rail or are tired of your towels being slow to dry when they hang on the hooks, we offer a delicious solution from the Design Series Menu, Towel Ladder. The path of towels, which in a way is stylish and gives your bathroom an extra design touch and at the same time is nice practical. Get rid of wet towels that turn sour and spice up your bathroom decor with this delicious piece of furniture.
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