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Benches & Daybeds

A bench is aesthetics and functionality in one beautiful fusion. Add elegance and design to your entrance hall, dining table or living room. You can use a bench anywhere, and wherever you place it, it will give your decor a boost in the right direction.

Great range of benches

We have a sharp and wide range of modern and classic benches that can be used in a myriad of different applications. As always, we've put together our range from our carefully selected suppliers, all of whom are well-known and respected design houses. Buy design benches from popular brands like House Doctor, Nofred, Muuto, Nordal, Hübsch, By Lassen, Ferm Living, Muubs, AYTM, Handvärk, Menu, Million, Frama, Bent Hansen, NORR11 and many more delicious brands.

Benches for the living room

You can always use a bench for the living room. That might be a bit of a caricature, but nevertheless that's how we feel at Moodings. We have a huge passion for design and creative combinations of materials, which is clearly reflected in the benches we offer. A bench in the living room adds a new dimension to your decor, and adds an element and simplicity that you can't get with any other furniture but just a bench. A bench can be hugely inviting and is in many ways informal and pleasant to be on. Find your next bench for the living room here.

Entrance benches

A hallway may not be the place in your home where you have the most opportunity to splash out on furniture, but you do have the opportunity to furnish it with one piece of furniture in particular - a bench. A bench is absolutely perfect to place in your hallway. Not only does it usually fit perfectly in size, both in terms of width and depth, it is also hugely functional in this particular space. You can sit down in peace and take your shoes on and off, which can be nice for anyone to do, whether you're a child, adult or elderly. A beautiful hallway deserves a beautiful bench that fits the overall look and style. If you have a warm and rustic hallway, then you can benefit from choosing a wooden bench that is the same. If you have large tiles and a more raw look, you can of course also find a bench that suits just that.

Bench for dining table

Who says you should only use dining chairs around your dining table? By using a bench on one side, you create a more intimate and down-to-earth atmosphere around the table, which also allows you to personalise everything with the help of the bench. At Moodings, we have a wide range of benches that are perfect to use around the dining table. We know that a dining table can have many different colours, shapes, expressions and materials, which is of course taken into account in the selection of benches. Our wide range of benches means you can always find a bench to suit your dining table. Benches offer great comfort and are perfect for those who occasionally have an extra person for dinner, coffee or the like.

Benches in different materials

When you shop at Moodings, you'll always find a lot of great furniture in a lot of different materials, which is also true when we're talking about benches. Among other things, we have benches in wood, metal, metal with leather, wood with leather and many other beautiful combinations of materials. Something very special happens to furniture and its expression when you are creative and innovative with the use and combination of materials.

Dreaming of a white bench in your garden too

Imagine a nice warm summer day, your children are romping around the garden and you want to sit and watch them, but something is missing - your place to sit and enjoy the view, the smell of freshly cut grass and the chirping of the owls. We offer benches in wood or plastic, all of which are easy to maintain.

Benches that fit in anywhere

At Moodings, we do everything we can to suit your taste. Do you prefer a simple plastic bench or perhaps a heavy wooden one? Whatever you choose, it will fit in. In the small garden by the detached house with nice big windows and plastered walls or in the wild garden by the cottage where the grass winds up your legs. The garden bench invites you to take a short break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sit down and relax for a few minutes and you'll be ready to go again. All our furniture is made from weather-resistant materials, so it can stand up to the elements if you don't have a shed or garage to store it in when the weather's not inviting you to cosy up in the garden, on the patio or on the balcony. The surface treatment makes maintenance a breeze, as they can easily be wiped clean with a cloth if they get dirty.

Great news and offers on benches

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Get lots of options with benches

When you choose a bench at Moodings, you're also choosing a bench that gives you a lot of options in your home decor, both functionally, practically, aesthetically and in terms of storage. A bench obviously provides more seating, but it also offers much more than that. A bench is also great for decorating. For example, you can place a nice tray of candlesticks and fresh flowers, in candlesticks and vases of course, which provides a whole new way to create interior design and decoration. However, this works best if the bench is placed up against something. If you do that, you get an absolutely stunning result that is both functional and hugely beautiful. At Moodings, we have a huge range of benches in different shapes, colours, materials and sizes, so you're always sure to find a bench that suits your exact needs and desires for a bench. Remember, you can always get your bench delivered for free, as long as it's an order over 499 DKK. In addition, we also offer a price guarantee, allowing you to buy your next bench at the absolute best available price on the market.

10 good reasons to choose a bench

If you're still not convinced that a bench from our range is right for you, then of course don't be fooled by some of the many good reasons why you should get yourself a nice bench.
  1. You get more seating that is more informal than other furniture.
  2. You get plenty of storage space, especially when you're not sitting on the bench.
  3. You'll have a place to sit in the hallway, whether you're waiting, putting on shoes, helping the kids get dressed, etc.
  4. A bench shows that your interior design is full of excess, personality and thought.
  5. Benches can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  6. Benches allow you to create a different and personal decoration.
  7. A bench is the perfect place to store various blankets and other textiles.
  8. Many benches can also be used as a shoe rack, for example by storing it on an underlying shelf or on the floor below.
  9. A bench is suitable for all types of interiors, all rooms and all homes.
  10. A bench doesn't take up much space, but it adds a lot of aesthetic value.