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Cutlery is an indispensable part of any table setting. Cutlery should not just be an aesthetic element that contributes to your table setting. It is also important that the cutlery is functional and fits well in the hand. Check out our great selection of cutlery from top designers.

Large selection of cutlery at Moodings

At Moodings, we have something for every facet of your home decor, from the largest pieces of furniture to the smallest accessories. So naturally we have a beautiful and large selection of cutlery in all shapes, colours and materials that you can use to set the most beautiful table. Our cutlery can be used for both everyday and festive occasions, from the finest of dinners to the quick rye toast that just has to be passed. For example, we highly recommend that you have one type of cutlery for everyday hardships, as well as one for the more formal events. This way, you can invest in a nice piece of designer cutlery that you can use for the important events in your home, without it getting worn out. This also gives you the opportunity to pass down the beautiful designer cutlery through the generations. Remember, all cutlery can be purchased at the best prices on the market through our price guarantee. However, you will often find that we already offer the best prices on the market. In addition, we also offer free shipping on all orders over 499 DKK.

Designer cutlery

A good meal is not just about the taste, we also eat with our eyes, and not just in relation to the food. The table setting also plays an important role in how we perceive and experience a meal. If you want to create the most beautiful table setting, it is important to have some nice cutlery. At Moodings we have a wide range of cutlery, for both children and adults, from some of the absolute best designers. Among others, you can find cutlery from well-known brands such as Georg Jensen, Sebra, Kay Bojesen Ferm Living, Design Letters, GLOBAL, Nicolas Vahé, Lion Sabatier, Mauviel, Skagerak, Kähler and Broste Copenhagen. Designer cutlery has many advantages. The most obvious and conspicuous advantage is that a designer cutlery is a pleasure to look at, both through a nice design, beautiful details, excellent materials. Designer cutlery is also designed on several fronts. It's not just the aesthetics that are thought about, it's very much the comfort when you hold the cutlery in your hand. Last, but certainly not least, designer cutlery has a very long lifespan and you can count on having the cutlery for many, many years. Need more for your home decor? Check out our range of armchairs and dining tables.

Cutlery for children

When it comes to teaching children how to eat with cutlery, you're doing both parents and children a big favour by buying some decent children's cutlery that appeals to them visually and is easy to hold. At Moodings, we have a great selection of this type of cutlery that makes eating a breeze for your child. Among others, we highly recommend that you take a look at the fun and cute children's cutlery from Sebra, Georg Jensen and Design Letters.
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