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Table lamps

Do you miss nice and functional lighting for the dresser, dining table or something completely third? At Moodings you will find the best and finest selection of quality lamps from the country's best designers. We have composed an exceptionally nice selection of table lamps created from the Scandinavian design philosophy, and who therefore also fits perfectly with you who love and cultivate the kind of decor, which far most do in Denmark. See our large selection below, or read more about our selection and table lamps in general below.

Buy your table lamp at Moodings

There are many good reasons why you must buy your next table lamp at Moodings. Of course, it is obvious that our selection is as broad in several suburbs that you can almost be sure to find something that suits your wishes and needs. In addition, we are experts in decor, design and lighting, and of course have all three elements in thought when we choose table lamps for our range. Therefore, we have, of course, also made sure to put together a selection of table lamps that contain many different sizes, colors, shapes, materials and especially expressions. Among our most popular table lamps you will find, among other things, the extremely beautiful and classic flowerpot, designed by no less than Verner Panton. The table lamp is bordered by a modern classic in table lamps, and is always a safe winner for you who wants Danish and timeless design.

Quality selection of table lamps

We always prefer the good quality rather than quantity. This also applies to table lamps. Why buy a cheap table lamp that has a semi-amazing design, poor lighting and short life when you can get a piece of Danish quality that lasts for many years? At Moodings we only have table lamps of the best quality in the finest designs. Feel the difference when you buy your next table lamp from one of our suppliers. We have a large selection of table lamps from brands as & tradition, 101 Copenhagen, Aythm, Ferm Living, Frama, Menu, House Doctor, Gubi. And not least Hay, just to name a few.

Design table lamps

We are many who love designer table lamps, where you can really see, feel and feel all the energy and work laid in a table lamp. Many also clearly prefer buying a table lamp in a nice design, as it is one of the only furniture you can have on a desk. Therefore, it is also important that the table lamp is nice, aesthetic, marked and not least functional. All these things and much more you find in our selection of table lamps. Our table lamps cover many different styles and directions in design. We have the classic, modern, creative and the minimalist. Each has its taste, also in table lamps, but it can always be met from Moodings.

Choose the right table lamp

When choosing your next table lamp, it is obviously a good idea to think about several things, so you choose the right table lamp. The first thing to make up with itself is where the table lamp should be used. A table lamp is not something that must necessarily stand on a table. You can also ask it on top of other furniture, such as a dresser, sideboard or side table for the bedroom. Depending on where you intend to place the table lamp, you will probably have different wishes to what style it must have, as well as what lighting. Looking for a table lamp for the desktop, then it will be a good idea to go for a design that is classic in his expression. Should it be on a side table next to the bed, so you have a little more free rein to go with the more innovative designs. After all, then you must choose the table lamp that falls in just exactly your taste and matching the needs and wish you may have. When choosing your table lamp, you should also pay attention to the lighting. In the bedroom you will often go for a little more subdued light that is nice to have in situations where you are on their way to bed or have just woken. Is it for the desk, then you will often need a good mix. For the very detailed work, you will often go for a little sharper light, but you sit a late evening and scribbles a little, so a muted lighting can be preferable.

Therefore, the table lamp is important

A table lamp is an important part of the decor, especially on a home office. The table lamp helps to emphasize and highlight your personal style, which otherwise can be somewhat of a challenge in the environment that is characterized by relatively generic furniture. In addition, it is also important to have proper and good lighting, especially in the winter months, where you can often sit and work while it is dark outside. The darkness make us more tired and unclaimed. One of the easiest and best ways to do this is by means of good lighting, and much like something that close to one, which is the case with a table lamp. If you do some work with your hands or other creatively, where it is important to see the very small details, it says itself that you must have highlighting your work area. See our entire selection from &Tradition

Table lamp for the whole home

One can use a table lamp in virtually every room in the modern home, in fact we thought you should have it, so you always have good lighting. For example, you can both use a table lamp in a bedroom, living room, office and entrance. Whatever style or preference you may have for your next table lamp, we are sure you can find one in our delicious range of table lamp. Among other things, we have classic table lamps, modern table lamps, table lamps with screen, table lamps without screen, table lamps with colorful screens and table lamps in more dimmed colors. Briefly, we have everything the heart desires in table lamps. A table lamp provides a nice delimited light that can give you just what you need for lighting when reading a good book, sitting and solving cross and transts, or doing what you now enjoy in a quiet hook. A table lamp is also somewhat near the perfect table lamp if you do not want a lamp hanging on the wall. The table lamp can easily stand on a bedside table or side table, where it really comes to its right and unfold its aesthetic potential. If you lack some cozy and functional lighting, then a table lamp answer to you who is aesthetically conscious about home lighting.

Create the right mood with a table lamp

There are many different table lamps, and the same can be said about the table lamps in our range. Our large and great assortment of table lamps make you have every opportunity to find just the table lamp that fits into your decor. If you would like some cozy and relaxing lighting, for example, you can choose a table lamp with indirect light that creates just that kind of lighting. If inverted, you must use a table lamp for your working desk, then it can often be more comfortable to have more direct light that can provide documents and keep the energy level up. For example, a table lamp with indirect light can be used in connection with the living room, where in the evening you do not necessarily need the very large lighting, which you get from ceiling lamps and the like. Instead, you can create cozy lighting in the hooks with the beautiful table lamps you will find at Moodings. If you have fallen in love with one of our delicious table lamps, remember that you can always buy all our table lamps for price guarantee and free shipping on all orders above 499 DKK. We look forward to equipping your home with the finest designer table lamp.  

6 errors you may not commit when choosing your table lamp

When one should finally point to a piece of interior, or in this case, specifically lighting, then the table lamp must be the easiest to choose? Or what? No.   It is never easy to choose the right lighting, or table lamp, as there are so many things that you can quickly forget to consider, and thus also many things that you can do that you have chosen wrong.   Fortunately, at Moodings we will do everything that you choose the right table lamp in the first place, so you are happy with your purchase from the first day. Therefore, we have made a list of the 6 most common mistakes that people commit when buying their table lamp. See the common errors below so you can avoid repeating them when choosing your table lamp.  

1. You select a table lamp in wrong height

How tall should a table lamp really be? This is a very excellent issue that depends primarily on two things, namely how high table or whatever it is on, and what it should be used for, that is, what the actual lighting needs to be used.   A good rule of thumb is that the top of a table lamp preferably should not be more than 160 centimeters when you include the furniture as it stands. If it gets higher, then it comes to see decidedly strange. Also, remember that a reading light is often rarest when it is roughly in height with your sight, so you must choose a table lamp that hits your forehead in height when seated downm at least.  

2. You choose a table lamp in wrong shape or type

This error is actually a very common mistake, and it often comes out that it is not really so much table lamp, it is crazy with, as much as they are the fact that the table lamp simply does not fit into the surroundings it must stand in.   A good example of this could be that you choose a very large and characteristic table lamp that occupies well in the landscape, and places it on a very small table. In this case, it will both get the table and the table lamp to look awkward. Therefore, make sure to choose a table lamp that has the right shape and character.  

3. You choose a wrong lampshade

Sometimes you try to give his table lamp a new life by buying a new lampshade for the table lamp. This can in itself be quite a good idea, but only if you find one, actually fits the rest of the table lamp. Many come to buy a lamp screen that is either too large or small, which in turn gives a very strange expression.

Therefore, make sure you check the goals, both on the lampshade and di current table lamp. You can advantageously find one who has roughly the same goal as the old lampshade, so you hit at least right on size.  

4. Table lamp in wrong colors?

You can quickly fall pladask for a lamp in a brilliant and distinctive color that looks immensely beautiful on pictures, but unfortunately it does not necessarily mean that it works as well when it first enters an environment with furniture and interior in More subtle colors.   A good housing gel is that it must somehow fit into either the furniture as it stands on, or at least for the rest of the lamps. Of course, it can be a very conscious choice with a table lamp that makes some noise where this advice is barely useful.  

5. You don't have a through style with of lamps

It is a good idea to have some kind of red thread in its interior design, and the same goes for when choosing a table lamp. This, of course, does not mean that all your lamps must match, on the contrary. The most important thing is that they compliment each other and the rest of the interior design, and otherwise follow the red thread that you have once again laid.   Therefore, choose a table lamp that will fit into that style and contribute to the expression you want to achieve.  

6. You don't think about the combinations

Finding the right combinations of materials can be some of a task that even many desgins have major challenges with from time to time. When we believe you need to find the right combination of materials when choosing your table lamp, we do not necessarily believe in the table lamp.   No, we believe that you must remember to think about the materials used on the table lamp, as well as the materials it must be. It is important that they look great together.
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