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Cam Cam Copenhagen

Looking for the highest quality children's interiors made from sustainable and ecological materials? Cam Cam is known for their unique ability to create products that contain equal parts great design and great social responsibility. Shop a huge range from Cam Cam Copenhagen here at Moodings.

Shop Cam Cam at Moodings

At Moodings we have more and more than just design interiors and furniture for adults, we also have a great range of quality interiors for children and the nursery, created with the aim of providing children with the best environment and conditions to develop in a healthy and fun environment. We are extremely pleased to be able to stock a wide range of Cam Cam products for children, which meet all the values and ambitions we have for our range and assortment. Whatever you're looking for from Cam Cam, we're sure you'll find it in our range. At Moodings you can always buy Cam Cam products at tremendous deals and competitive prices. If you find a Cam Cam product cheaper elsewhere, you're always more than welcome to take advantage of our Price Guarantee to get the best price possible. See also our range of carpets, display cabinets and dining tables.

Our Cam Cam range

Looking for some beautiful interiors for your child's bedroom? Then there's hardly a better place to look than this page, packed with quality Cam Cam products. Among other things, you'll find baby beds, baby cots, children's tables, children's mattresses, children's beds, doll's beds, aprons, wardrobes, bibs, shelves, towels, baskets, toys, cushions, changing tables, rattles, bedding, sleeping bags, cloth nappies, bags, swaddles and much more of everything you need when you have children.

About Cam Cam Copenhagen

Cam Cam Copenhagen is a Danish children's interiors brand that was established back in 2012. Behind the brand is a hugely talented pair of architects named Sara Giese Camre and Robert Warren Paulsen, who are still behind the helm of Cam Cam to this day. The whole idea and motivation behind Cam Cam comes from a great love for children and a strong belief that they deserve only the best, which can clearly be seen and felt when you get your hands on a Cam Cam product. Cam Cam takes great pride in designing and producing their products in a look that is timeless and aesthetic in a way that appeals to both children and adults. They are specifically designed to provide the best possible environment for a good, safe and fun child's life. In addition, all products are also produced with great care for both the environment and the social responsibility that the company has towards its employees, customers and partners.

Organic products from Cam Cam

As mentioned above, one of the cornerstones of Cam Cam is their strong focus on sustainable production, ecological materials and not least social responsibility. This is proven by their many certifications, such as FSC, GOts and OCS, which are all assurances to the consumer that these are sustainable products made from good materials under proper conditions. But what do all these certifications really mean and what do they imply? FSC, which stands for Forest Stewardship Council, is a certification that shows that Cam Cam as a company uses wood that comes from a producer that focuses on sustainable and responsible forest management, so that we will have plenty of forest on our planet in the future. GOTS, short for Global Organic Textile Standard, is a certification that Cam Cam meets the extremely high standards in their use of textiles with special focus on the environment and social responsibility throughout production, from the harvesting of raw materials to the finished product. OCS, short for Organic Content Standard, is only used on products where different materials are mixed. In short, it is a guarantee that the materials are organic and good, even if they are mixed. As you can probably read, nothing has been left to chance when it comes to the quality of Cam Cam's products. So you can safely surround your children with Cam Cam products without worrying about all sorts of chemicals, harmful substances or feeling guilty about the environment.

Create the most beautiful children's room with Cam Cam

Most parents have a strong desire to decorate and create a children's room that contains the best of the best, and can provide the setting for countless great children's memories. If you feel this way and would like to create the most wonderful children's room, then all you need to do is find all the things you like from Cam Cam. With Cam Cam you have the optimal conditions to decorate a children's room that most people dream of. And the best part? You can do it at the sharpest prices on the market at Moodings, where you can always find products from Cam Cam at exceptionally good prices.
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