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Champagne glass

At Moodings we have a beautiful and large selection of delicious champagne glasses for all the moments in life that need to be celebrated. Whether you're into the retro inspired champagne glass or the more modern flute glass, you'll find it at Moodings. Check out the great range below, which also includes champagne bowls, champagne coolers and champagne sables ---

Shop champagne glasses at Moodings

At Moodings, we believe that the important moments in life should of course be celebrated with a delicious glass of bubbly. Of course, this is best done with some beautiful and elegant champagne glasses that invite good vibes and raised toasts. Whatever type of champagne glass you're looking for, you'll find it at Moodings. We have a wide range of sizes and types of champagne glasses from well-known brands such as Holmegaard, Luigi Bormiolo and Ferm Living. Every home needs some beautiful champagne glasses that you can always pull out when there's something to celebrate. This can be a graduation, a promotion, a birthday, an anniversary or something else entirely. Whatever the reason, there will always be plenty of reasons to put those delicious champagne glasses to good use.

Champagne glasses with accessories

If you're the type who loves popping a champagne, then there are plenty of items on this page that you're sure to love. Among other things, we have delicious things like champagne glasses, champagne coolers and not least champagne sabres that make the experience even more luxurious. This is especially great for parties and dinners where you want to keep several bottles of champagne in the fridge, to be opened in style of course by chopping off the bottle head in an elegant way.

Offers on champagne glasses

Looking for a great deal on champagne glasses? At Moodings we have a wide range of great deals on both champagne glasses and all the accessories you could dream of. If we don't have the champagne glasses you've fallen in love with on offer, we always have our price guarantee for you to take advantage of.

Champagne glasses FAQ

Want to know even more about champagne glasses? Then below you'll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about champagne glasses.

Which glasses should I use for champagne?

Of course, you need proper champagne glasses for champagne. Here you can choose both the classic flute glasses, which are the tall and slender glasses that most people know. You can also use what is called a champagne bowl, which is wider and lower. Each glass has its pros and cons, and it's mostly a matter of taste. At Moodings, you can buy both types of champagne glasses.

Where to buy champagne glasses?

You can buy champagne glasses at Moodings, other webshops and in various ice cream shops. Often you will find a larger selection available online, which can be seen in our large selection at Moodings.

How many cl are in a champagne glass?

A champagne glass can hold anything from 20 cl to 32 cl, depending on the model and type of champagne glass. In the type called champagne glasses, there can often be a lot more than in the tall and slender glasses.
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