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Cocktail glass

Do you want to give your guests an experience of perfect hospitality and thoughtful details? Then serve your drinks and cocktails in our beautiful selection of cocktail glasses that will make the drink taste even better. Take home the restaurant feel and great hospitality with our cocktail glasses.

Large and beautiful selection of cocktail glasses

At Moodings we have a large and beautiful selection of cocktail glasses. You can easily find the type of cocktail glass that perfectly suits your favourite drinks and the aesthetic of your home. Find cocktail glasses from some of the best and most recognized brands, known for creating the most beautiful glasses of the highest quality. Among others, you can buy cocktail glasses from brands like Holmegaard, Luigi Bormioli, Ferm Living, Louise Roe and Frederik Bagger.
Whether you prefer tall and slender cocktail glasses or low cocktail glasses with more heft, you'll find them in our beautiful selection.

Crystal cocktail glasses

A well-poured cocktail is beautiful in its own right, but serve it in a crystal cocktail glass and you've got one of the most inviting things around. Of course, at Moodings, we have the best of the best in crystal cocktail glasses, which are top quality glassware. Among other things, we have the beautiful and hugely popular Frederik Bagger glasses, which are made of real crystal, combined with a modern and timeless design.

Cocktail glasses make for a better party

There are the little things in a party that make it a good one. One thing you can do to create a good atmosphere and get more drinks into your guests is by serving them in an inviting and aesthetic way, which of course you do with the help of cocktail glasses. Give your guests the experience of standing in a delicious cocktail bar, with the most beautiful cocktail glasses.

Highball cocktail glasses

There are different types of cocktail glasses that cater specifically to different types of cocktails and expressions. The type of cocktail glass known as the Highball cocktail glass is one of the most widely used cocktail glasses, and can always be found in even the smallest bar. The beautiful, tall and slim design is a true classic that will always be popular. Highball cocktail glasses are perfect for a wide variety of drinks, for example classics like a Dark n Stormy, Mojito, Tom Collins, Gin & Tonic, Bloody Mary, Tequila Sunrise, Long Iceland Iced Tea, Rum and Coke, Cuba Libre, Sea Breeze, Sex On The Beach, Americano and the like.

Lowball cocktail glass

Another type of cocktail glass is the more old-fashioned glass that still has a charm and class about it, called the Lowball cocktail glass. These glasses are perfect for the very classic and strong drinks, such as Old Fashioned, White Russian, Negroni, Vodka Greyhound, Mai Tai, Whiskey Sour, Black Russian, Godfather, Pisco Sour, Flying Goose and the like. This beautiful glass with its low weight is also perfect for anyone who loves a shot of whiskey or rum, possibly mixed with a little soda.
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