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Scented Candles &Fragrance Sticks

A nice scented light or a beautiful scented stick helps to create the right atmosphere in your home. You can use them to relax, calm your senses, emphasize your style or freshen up. In addition, beautiful scented lights can stand out as an accessory in your decor.

Perfume sticks

At Moodings you will find good offers of selected variants of scent sticks from the best and most sought after fires in lifestyle products. We love to offer the absolute best prices to our customers and try to regularly update our range and prices so that you not only get the best scented sticks at Moodings but also the best price of scented sticks. We recommend that you take a look down on our side where you can find all the current offers we have on scent sticks. If we don't have your favorite on offer, you can always come back another time, where we may have just put your favorite fire or variant on offer.

Large selection of scented sticks

At Moodings, we have one of the absolute largest selection of fragrances on the market. Our range is both wide and deep, allowing you to shop freely between a wide range of well-known fires, where you can usually buy all available variants. For example, we have a complete range of the eternally popular bestsellers, Meraki Perfume Stick. With these fragrances you will not only get a very good and well-smelling product that comes in a very aesthetic packaging, you will also get it at a very competitive price. In addition, we are also negotiating a very wide range of other popular fires, including L:A Bruket, Humdakin, Frama, Savon De Marseille, Scandinavia and P.F. Candle Co. At Moodings you can find scent sticks for every taste and every budget, always with fast and secure delivery.

The best scented sticks

Moodings has the best scent sticks. We have assembled our assortment to offer the finest, most fragrant and most sought after fragrances. We guarantee you'll be satisfied with the delicious scented sticks you buy here at Moodings. Find the best scent sticks that match exactly the desires you may have for both scent, aesthetics and price.

Decorate your home with scented sticks

There are few things better than a well-smelling home. With scented sticks, you'll have a more fragrant home than ever, and once you start using scented sticks, you'll wish your home could always smell so good. Perfume sticks can be used pretty much anywhere in the home. This applies both to the entrance, kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom. Many people are particularly happy to place scented sticks in the bathroom, as it gives an exclusive wellness atmosphere to en t er a bathroom that is so well-ventilated. Perfume sticks are perfect both for everyday use and for parties. They give a nice and subtle scent that is clear without being in any way overwhelming.

Perfume stick is the perfect host.

It is always a bit of a challenge to find out what to give in a host's gift when going to the different dinners. On the one hand, we do not want to blow up the bank simply because it is a host present, but on the other hand we want to give a dubious gift which the host will be pleased with. The good host will love to get a scented stick as a gift. Perfume sticks are remarkably well connected to situations where guests visit, where you want to make a little extra out of your home. A good way to do just that is, of course, by creating a pleasant and pleasant smell in your home with scented sticks. So at Moodings, we strongly recommend that you consider buying fragrance sticks for your next gift. It fits both the occasion, the recipient and the budget. While you're at it, you might as well buy yourself one, too, so you don't have to be cheated into experiencing the wonderful smell of your own home.
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