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Egon Eiermann is both known and recognised for his beautiful and minimalist desks, dining tables and chairs, which are hugely popular throughout Europe. Find your next piece of Egon Eiermann furniture below.

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Even though it's been many years since Egon Eiermann made his last design, his furniture is still among the most sought-after and popular. In particular, his desks, chairs and dining tables have managed to become timeless classics that, with their minimalist and functional expression, have gained great popularity throughout Northern Europe. At Moodings we are both proud and happy to be able to sell the beautiful furniture from Egon Eiermann, which we of course sell at the best prices on the market through our price guarantee and free shipping on all Egon Eiermann furniture. Today, Egon Eiermann furniture can be found in homes all over the world. If you want to see more world-renowned design, take a look at brands like HAY and Royal Copenhagen.

Egon Eiermann desks and dining tables

Egon Eiermann's famous desks are among the most beautiful and functional on the market. The stunning design for the desk we know and love today was designed way back in 1953, and was actually originally designed for use in his own office. Today, not only Egon Eiermann's office has been home to the beautiful desk, but countless offices all over the world. Not only is the desk beautifully designed and simple, but it is also extremely stable and comfortable to work at. The beautiful tables are of course also available as dining tables, where the same design is used, just with different dimensions. Please note that the table top and the table frame are sold separately, so you can get exactly the combination you want.

Egon Eiermann chairs

For every table, you also need matching chairs that match the table both aesthetically and functionally. Just as Egon Eiermann is known for his tables, he is also known for his chairs, which of course match the tables. At Moodings, you can buy both the iconic dining chairs and office chairs that have a classic and elegant look, and also provide superb comfort.

About the talented designer Egon Eiermann

Egon Eiermann is one of the most talented, influential German designers of the post-war era in Germany. Egon Eiermann was born in 1904, died in 1970, and became widely known during his lifetime for his talent for creating functional, original and beautiful furniture. Egon Eiermann is not only known for his talent in furniture design, but also very much for his work as an architect. Among other things, he is the man behind the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche in Berlin and the impressive IBM building in Stuttgart. His major contributions to both furniture design and architecture have made him known and respected throughout the world, winning awards such as "The Grand Prize of the DBA.
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