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Ferm Living

With a passion for authentic design and distinct functionality, Ferm Living challenges ourselves to create the future with products that help you balance life's contrasts. With soft shapes, beautiful textures and deep colours, Ferm Living allows you to create an authentic and calm atmosphere, while avant-garde shapes, breathtaking patterns and eye-catching details add an element of surprise.

Shop Ferm Living at Moodings

At Moodings, you can shop freely from one of the country's absolute largest selections from Danish Ferm Living. Ferm Living offers virtually everything for the home, all of which follows the same Nordic design philosophy. Over the past several years, Ferm Living has established itself as one of the most sought-after and popular brands in Denmark, as well as gaining great recognition abroad. With Ferm Living you get modern home furnishings with edge and personality, created for the style-conscious Scandinavian home. Whether you choose mirrors, lamps, planters or cushions from Ferm Living, you're sure to get a high-quality, beautiful piece of design where time and care have gone into the craftsmanship details.

Great range from Ferm Living

As mentioned, Ferm Living are hugely talented and innovative in Nordic design, as they have proven countless times in many different types of furniture and interiors. No matter what room in your home you'd like made a little bit more beautiful, Ferm Living is sure to have a piece of furniture or interior. This can include lamps, planters, pots, flower pots, bedding, sofas, mirrors, cushions, dining tables, dining chairs and lounge chairs. So you get pretty much everything for the home from Ferm Living, and we promise it's all made to really good quality. Ferm Living also makes a lot of delicious and organic products for the children's room. Never has it been easier to decorate a children's room that has both fun and decorative furniture at the same time.

Ferm Living Mirror

Ferm Living has a small but also very strong selection of mirrors. Whether you like the big, the small, the square or the organic mirror, you can find it at Ferm Living. Especially their Pond collection has gained a lot of recognition all over Europe in a short period of time, which is so understandable when you see the mirror. Below you can read a bit more about the very popular series of mirrors from Ferm Living, which you can shop here at Moodings. We are experts in getting mirrors to you safely and securely, wherever you are in the country.

Ferm Living Pond Mirror

The Pond mirror from Ferm Living is one of the most sought after mirrors these years, as well as being one of the most innovative mirrors on the market. Ferm Living has recreated the whole way we think about mirrors by creating their Pond series, which consists of mirrors with organic and soft shapes, but in a classic and stylish frame. The Pond mirror is heavily inspired by the soft and calm movement of water in a pond, and you can bring the same beautiful look into your home by purchasing Ferm Living's Pond Mirror at Moodings.

Ferm Living Lamp

Ferm Living has a great range of some of the most unique lamps on the market. At Ferm Living, they believe that lamps should do more than just light up the room. Ferm Living's lamps are made with a highly authentic design, combined with a very high level of functionality. So you don't have to compromise on light or aesthetics. Ferm Living ensures optimal light distribution that matches exactly the mood you are looking for. Having the right lighting is hugely important, and some homes need relatively a lot of it. That's why it's also important for lamps to have a subtle expression in some places and a more striking one in others. Ferm Living has perfected this, where you can have both the striking and the subtle, both in light and expression. Ferm Living lamps are suitable for the living room, hallway, bedroom and even the bathroom. So you can get the most beautiful lighting in the most beautiful designs for your whole home when you shop from Ferm Living at Moodings.

Ferm Living Cushions

Ferm Living cushions have had a bit of a revival in recent years. Where in the past Ferm Living cushions were seen as slightly retro and very particular in expression, today they have a range that we absolutely love and can't get our arms around. Today you see the cushions in different fabrics and colours, and you can clearly feel the very high quality of the cushions. You are free to define your own style with the cushions, mixing both fabrics and colours in a way that gives exactly the look you are looking for.

Ferm Living Plant Box

Are you also crazy about the concept of Urban Gardening, or do you just need a different way to store your magazines at home? Either way, the Plant Box from Ferm Living is one of the best and most sought after items you'll find right now. Rarely has a piece of furniture been rethought to such an extent as the Plant Box. What's unique about it is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors, and to many benefits. For example, if you don't have a garden, but you do have a balcony, you can plant herbs, flowers or anything else in it on your balcony.
Not only is it a great box for your plants, it also gives your balcony a beautiful and decorative piece of furniture that is made in a nice and minimalist design. Alternatively, of course, you can keep it inside, which is what many people choose to do. Plant Box by Ferm Living is perfect for those who want a different magazine holder that fits in with the Nordic interior design philosophy.

About Ferm Living

Ferm Living is in many ways a classic sunshine story, often seen in connection with Danish design. It all started back in 2016, when a young and energetic designer named Trine Andersen couldn't find a wallpaper that met her standards for both quality and aesthetics. So she simply decided to take the spoon in the other hand and do it herself, and with that Ferm Living was born. When dealing with Ferm Living, both in terms of the people behind and their products, you can clearly feel the passion shining through. Passion for both the design, the craftsmanship and the aesthetic expression is evident all over, which was also one of the basic ideas behind Ferm Living. There must be passion and an eye for detail in everything.

Ferm Living in Copenhagen

Today, Ferm Living has its headquarters in Copenhagen, just as Moodings does. Copenhagen has become a bit of a hotspot for furniture design, where many of the most promising brands and designers now reside. From their base in Copenhagen, Ferm Living has done an outstanding job of developing and maturing their designs and concept, so that today they have their very own and unique expression, which by the way we absolutely love here at Moodings. Although they are not the oldest brand, they have still managed to compete on an equal footing with the biggest both at home and abroad. Treat yourself and your home to the most beautiful furniture and interiors from Ferm Living.

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