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For many of us, everyday life isn't exactly pure luxury, and it can be a long time between moments when we allow ourselves a little pampering. However, pampering can easily be found in the little details, for example by using some beautiful, soft, high-quality towels. Great towels are a great way to add a little element of luxury to your everyday life that you can appreciate every time you dry your hands. At Moodings, you can buy some of the best, highest quality towels on the market.

Soft and beautiful towels

Drying your hands in a towel that not only looks great, but is also soft and absorbent is one of the best things you can offer yourself and your hands. If your towels are getting worn and need replacing, we recommend you take a look at our great selection of towels. We have a great selection of towels from the best brands that make textile products of unparalleled quality. We have a great selection of towels that are made from the finest organic cotton, which is good for your hands and the environment.

Shop towels online

At Moodings we have a huge range of exclusive towels that you can shop online with free shipping over £499 and always with fast delivery. For example, you can buy gorgeous and exclusive towels from popular brands like Tekla Fabrics, Humdakin, Hay, Cam Cam Copenhagen, Ferm Living, Meraki, Elvang, Normann Copenahge, Sebra and many more. All towels from these brands are made with OEKO-TEX, which is an assurance that the textiles are completely free of harmful substances and that the environmental impact is kept to a minimum. Our range of towels covers all sizes from 40x60, 50x100, 70x140 and 100x150. So you're sure to find a towel in the size you need.

Design towels

Design towels give you plenty of options to add a special touch to the décor of your bathroom. We've put together a world of designer towels in lots of different colours, sizes and shapes. Whether you're looking for small washcloths, guest towels, bath towels or the really big towels for the beach, you'll find it at Moodings. We have a passion for design and quality, and the two should ideally go hand in hand. Our selection of towels gives you a beautiful union of the aesthetic and solid craftsmanship that will be an experience in itself for both your hands and your bathroom.

Guide: Washing new towels

When you buy towels from Moodings, you're buying quality that will last a very long time, provided you take care of the towels. This starts, of course, with "pre-washing" them properly, so that the towels achieve their optimal absorbency, and get the optimal conditions to last as long as possible. When you receive your towels from Moodings, you should do the following before using them:
  1. Start by soaking the towels for 24 hours. The water should be cold!
  2. Then wash the towels at 60 degrees to both bind the colours and remove bacteria. You don't need to use fabric softener, in fact you should avoid it.
  3. Finally, dry the towels. For best results, use the tumble dryer to make your towels completely soft. Of course, you can also hang them to dry, but towels tend to get a bit stiffer from that.

How to keep your towels colourfast

Most people are familiar with the somewhat sad trend of your towels losing some of their strength and shine over time. Typically this happens after the towels have been washed a number of times, where they just quietly lose much of the beautiful colour that was perhaps one of the key reasons they were bought in the first place. So what can you do to keep your towels looking their best? First of all, it's a good idea to soak your towels in cold water for 24 hours. This should be done right after you buy them, before you use them. After the towels have been in the cold water for 24 hours, they just need to be washed once and then they are ready to be used. If the towels are dark, you can do the same as above, but add a little vinegar to the water. Not only does this help the colour stay in place, it also improves the towel's absorbency.

How to keep your towels soft

There's nothing quite like a hot bath. But as nice as it can be to be in the bath, it can be just as uncomfortable to have to dry yourself with a stiff, hard towel that's well past its soaking days. The reason many towels just get harder and harder over time is simply that the fibres in the fabric break down more and more over time when you don't take care to dry the towels as gently as possible. But how do you dry your towels most gently? A good tip is to shake your towels well and thoroughly before throwing them in the dryer. This ensures that any lint and other surface dirt is removed before drying. In addition, you can also make use of a clever trick involving tennis balls. By putting a few tennis balls in your dryer, your towels will get a lot of beating during drying, which helps the towels retain their soft texture. Last but not least, it's also important to take a critical look at how much detergent or fabric softener you use when washing your towels. While you obviously want clean and fragrant towels, it's a bad idea to use too much soap and fabric softener. Although fabric softener and detergent make towels clean and fragrant, they also have the disadvantage of making the texture of the towel stiff, as well as absorbing less water.
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