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Handvärk makes furniture, lighting and interiors that can follow you throughout your life. All the beautiful products are made "The Handvärk Way", ensuring unparalleled quality and unique design that never loses its justification.

Handvärk - In brief

At Handvärk we work with something called "the Handvärk way". This is a common direction and philosophy for the brand that permeates all the products. Aesthetic durability is key in all Handvärk products. Handvärk are completely uncompromising in their pursuit to create furniture that can follow you throughout your life. Handvärk works with real marble, solid brass and leather, all materials that only get more beautiful over time. All of these delicious, quality materials are worked and treated with the utmost care and passion, so that they can embody the simplicity and functionality that Handvärk is known for. The design is above all Nordic, and their philosophy and design is if anything deeply rooted in Nordic tradition.

Large range from Handvärk at Moodings

If you're looking for a place to shop between a large selection of the new brand Handvärk, then Moodings is the place to be. We have a full range from the new and innovative designer brand that makes the most beautiful interiors, furniture and lighting for the modern and quality-conscious home. Among other things, you'll find an impressive range of coffee tables, mirrors, dining chairs, table lamps, ceiling lamps, daybeds, sofas, dining tables , chandeliers, console tables, side tables, floor lamps, lounge chairs, armchairs and cushions. All in all, you can furnish large parts of your home with all the beautiful quality furniture from Handvärk.

Handvärk coffee table

It' s hard to imagine a home without a coffee table. If you love quality and marble, then a coffee table from Handvärk might be what you need in your home decor. Marble is the essential element in coffee tables from Handvärk, and whether you're into white marble, green marble, black marble or grey marble, you'll find it in our selection of coffee tables. Every coffee table from Handvärk is unique, as marble is a natural stone. So you get a tabletop that is unlike any other in the world. The tabletop of Handvärk coffee tables is polished, but otherwise untreated and pure in its expression. The beautiful coffee tables from Handvärk are designed by none other than Emil Thorup, who has designed them with great passion for both the material and the craftsmanship.

Handvärk lamp

Handvärk's series of lamps have become hugely popular in record time, and are considered by many to be something of a modern classic. This has been achieved, for example, through their whole new way of thinking about wiring. Many designers consistently try to hide the cord, whereas Handvärk manages to make it a positive and active part of the lamp's aesthetic. At Moodings we have all the most popular lamps from Handvärk, whether you're looking for a floor lamp, table lamp or ceiling lamp. Check out all our stylish armchairs .
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