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See our impressive range of designer garden furniture. We have garden furniture from all the most popular brands in the country, known for quality from top to bottom. See the whole extremely popular range from Hay, benches or Hay garden furniture.

Huge selection of top quality garden furniture

At Moodings you'll find a nothing short of impressive selection of garden furniture from the leading brands, made to the highest quality. We have a huge selection of everything for the garden from some of the leading brands in garden furniture. Among others, you can shop garden furniture from Anker, AYTM, Bloomingville, Broste Copenhagen, Cane-Line, Dyrebar, Ferm Living, HAY, House Doctor, MAter, Muubs, Nordal, Sika Design, Skagerak and Woud. Together, these many brands make up our exclusive range of garden furniture, interiors and accessories for the modern garden. See the fine selection below.

Great tips for choosing your garden furniture

Finding furniture for your home is always a bit of a challenge, and the same can be said when it comes to finding just the right garden furniture. There are so many different types of garden furniture, varying in shapes, colours, materials and everything else. There are therefore many considerations to make before deciding which garden furniture will adorn your garden. One of the most important things to consider is how much time you are willing to spend on maintaining your garden furniture. It goes without saying that garden furniture made of organic materials requires more maintenance than garden furniture made of stainless steel or other materials, for example. It's also worth considering what you actually use your garden furniture for. If you often eat your meals there, then should probably find some that include both dining chairs and dining table. If you use garden furniture more for relaxing and enjoying a glass of wine, then you should probably go for more lounge-style garden furniture. Last, but certainly not least, it's also important to find garden furniture that has just the right level of comfort. People differ greatly when it comes to how much comfort they want. It's worth trying out a few different types of garden furniture to find out how to achieve the best comfort.

Garden furniture & accessories that create atmosphere in the garden

There are many ways to create atmosphere, personality and intimacy in a garden. For some it's an old and magnificent tree, for others it's the neat beds, and for some it's the beautiful garden furniture. For some, it's a combination of these things. Unfortunately, at Moodings we can't help you with rose beds or large beech trees, but we can certainly help you with both garden furniture and the various accessories that create atmosphere in your garden. For example, we can recommend things like a nice fire pit, a flag, gazebos, deck chairs, lounge chairs, sun loungers, garden sofas and everything else you'll find in our garden furniture range.

How to look after your garden furniture

You should always remember to take good care of your garden furniture. Of course, how you do this depends entirely on the type of garden furniture you have. For example, if you have nice wooden garden furniture, you should generally wipe it down every spring. In addition, they also need a good coat of paint every three years. In addition, you will also need to use wood preservative every year if you use this. If you really want to look after your furniture, you can cover it every winter and put it in a sheltered spot.
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