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HAY was founded in 2002 with the ambition to create modern furniture with a view to modern lifestyles and sophisticated industrial production. Let yourself be inspired and inspired by Danish Hay, who has taken the world by storm.

Shop a huge selection from Hay

We have a complete range from one of the most popular design houses in Denmark, Hay, who has impressed and decorated the Danish homes since the beginning of 2002. Hay manufactures and designs modern furniture that is aimed at the Nordic design tradition, but with one eye to add personality and controversy from the various designers with whom they work. Hay makes your home beautiful, functional and colourful in a way that you do not experience in the same way in many other Danish design houses. For example, they are known for their blankets, pillows and chairs in beautiful, tempered colours that create life and happiness without being disruptive. At Moodings, we are thrilled to be able to negotiate all the best and most popular Hay products. Hay's products are particularly targeted at the living room, dining room, entrance and bedroom. Functionality, design and craftsmanship have rarely been merged in a more beautiful way than is the case with Hay.

About Hay

Hay has a clear philosophy that good design is a right for everyone. This is why Hay has been working hard from the outset, in collaboration with a number of fantastic designers, to create high-quality design aimed at a broad audience, both aesthetically and economically. This philosophy and mindset has been the driving force from the start and still is today. Hay is inspired by the conditions of modern life, where furniture and furniture have become more fluid and widely used. That is why they always try to create furniture that can be used in different types of homes, rooms and environments. Whether you're looking for a toothbrush or a couch, Hay has an aesthetic and different proposition for this.

Modern design with Hay

When you buy the beautiful furniture and interior from Hay, at the same time you get the optimal conditions to create an enormously beautiful and modern decor. Hay is known for making furniture and interior, where simplicity and functionality are always at the top. Although Hay is best known for its unique and innovative designs, it is actually much more than that. Hay is enormously capable of choosing the best of the best when it comes to subcontractors. For example, they use only the best wood that is always FSC certified. In addition to this, Hay also has a keen eye on all of their processors. Their standards of working environment, production and the like are as high and sharp as their high standards of design and functionality. One thing's for sure with Hay, they never stand still. Whether we are talking about designing or optimising their production of the use of sustainable suppliers, they are working every day to get a little bit better. This i s clearly seen and felt when you get a Hay product in your hand.

Hay Furniture

Are you at the market for new furniture? Then we recommend you take a good look at the furniture from Hay. When you choose to buy your furniture in the form of Hay furniture from Moodings, you are always sure to get the best of the best craftsmanship and quality made exclusively of the best materials. Hay furniture also has the unique feature of being timeless in the best sense of the word. The unique, minimalist expression of the furniture makes them never out of fashion. But good design is not enough, timelessness also requires an unbeatable quality. Unbelievable quality is exactly what you get with Hay furniture. Materials are robust, durable and generally designed to withstand all everyday wear and tear. You want class combined with a modern impression? Then you'll have to decorate your home with all the beautiful things designed by Hay.

Hay to in and out

Hay is a very versatile design house that makes furniture and interior for all the rooms of the home. So you can decorate and decorate your home with Hay, both in the living room, the lobby, the dining room, the kitchen, the nursery, the teenage room and any other room that your home may consist of. But it doesn't stop here. On the contrary. Hay is also known for making some of the most exquisite lawn furniture in the market. If you're used to garden furniture looking a certain way, you'll be positively surprised when you see the beautiful garden furniture from Hay. They're all you could ask for from garden furniture. Beautiful, durable, easy to clean, aesthetic and, not least, enormously comfortable. All this and more when you choose Hay.

Hay blanket

Hay has created a truly modern classic in the form of their enormously beautiful DOT bed linen. HAY mattress gives a whole new expression to your bed and bedroom, where it gives a minimalist and modern look that has long been super popular. The sheets come in different sizes and colours. So you can have both softened colors and fresher colors that are just right to lie on top of the bed every morning so that you can always come home to a beautiful bedroom that is inviting.

Hay boxes

We also, of course, have a large selection of the very popular Hay boxes that have been found in very many homes in Denmark since the launch. The Hay Boxes are one of the most versatile and flexible in storage. Hay Kasser has a raw and almost industrial look, but with very nice pastel colors that give a calm and modern expression. In addition, it is easy to fold up and down so that they fill almost nothing. So you can quickly take the boxes down if you do not need the storage space and at the same time pull them out and fold them out if you need more. Hay Kasser can be stacked, and for everything from shoes and toiletries to spices and books. The possibilities are almost endless, and you can benefit from creating a unique and personal look by selecting your favorite colors. Hay Kasser i s available in three sizes and is all approved for food use.

Hay powder

Hay is particularly famous for their pillows, which have been a hit since day one. The powders have a very distinctive shape and are known for the large button in the middle that gives a beautiful and minimalist look. Hay cushions are made in many different colours and materials, so you can get both velour, fabric and everything from grey to cartilage. Hay cushions are ideal for mixing in different colors and types of fabric, and provide ample opportunity to create a personal and unique look.

Hay Driver

If you're looking for a super minimalist sofa table, then maybe the Hay sofa tables are exactly what you're looking for. Hay's sofa tables come in two different shapes and a variety of different colors. Together they all have the characteristic high edge that gives an expression and look that is designed for the modern, Nordic home and decorative philosophy.

Hay chairs

Table chairs are one of the most important furniture in the house. It's important to sit well, and you always do that in a Hay chair. Hay also offers on chairs a solid blend of modern classics, as well as brand new designs. Among other things, they have relaunched some of the legendary dining chairs from FDB Furniture, such as J41 and J42 by Borge Mogensen. In addition, you will also find the hugely popular HEE Dining Chairs, made of stainless steel, and have a super minimalist and aesthetic look that you can use to compliment a more rustic and organic dining table, or love the simple and minimalist hero out. You want chairs in the garden? Then look at our entire selection of HAY garden furniture
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