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House Doctor Coffee tables

Need a breath of fresh air for your sofa area? See our selection of the most beautiful coffee tables from Danish House Doctor. Check out the hugely popular Balance, Bali and Square coffee tables for the most beautiful sofa area ---

Decorate your living room with a House Doctor coffee table

A coffee table from House Doctor is not just a functional piece of furniture to place your drinks or snacks, it's also very much one of the most essential details of your interior. It's important to find the right coffee table that not only suits your personal style, but also the needs you have for a sofa area and coffee table. With our range from House Doctor, we're sure you'll find plenty of great coffee tables to match your wants and needs in terms of look, size, shape and price. House Doctor coffee tables are perfect for those who want accomplished design and quality in their living room.

Our range of House Doctor coffee tables

At Moodings we have a large and beautiful range of House Doctor coffee tables. Although they all come from the same brand, there is actually something for the vast majority of preferences and styles, in terms of rustic coffee tables, elegant coffee tables, contemporary looks and classic designs. You can read more about some of the most popular products below, for example Balance, Bali and Square coffee tables, which have all been a big hit since launch. Find your beautiful House Doctor coffee table in iron, concrete, marble, wood or whatever you fancy. At Moodings we have a price guarantee on our range of House Doctor coffee tables. If you find the item cheaper elsewhere, simply write to us at kundeservice@moodings.com to get the same price.

House Doctor Balance coffee table

The Balance coffee table from House Doctor is the perfect place to meet for those cosy everyday moments for a good cup of coffee. The round shape and light legs of the table make it practical and useful in many homes, where the round shape in particular is inviting for togetherness and conversation. Treat yourself and your living room to the beautiful Balance coffee table, made of aluminium and iron. The table is easy to maintain and clean, as well as being hard-wearing against all the challenges of everyday life.

House Doctor Bali coffee table

If you're a little more into the organic and lively look, then the beautiful Bali coffee table in wood might be for you. Once again, this is a very popular coffee table from House Doctor that is a stylish choice in most interiors. The Bali coffee table from House Doctor is produced with the exotic mango wood, and designed with the characteristic voluminous table legs that are really a beautiful detail. The Bali coffee table is available in a variety of colours and shades. Buy the coffee table at Moodings and get free shipping.

House Doctor Square coffee table

The Square coffee table from House Doctor is the perfect coffee table. The design is super modern and minimalist, giving a very elegant ease that fits into most types of homes and decor. The Square coffee table is not only beautiful, it is also a practical and functional table that has been made with durable materials that are easy to clean. Perfect for those who like a mix of both functionalism and aesthetics.
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