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Humdakin is the result of a strong passion for ecology, sustainability and cleaning. Humdakin has managed at record speed to establish itself as one of the best and most sustainable manufacturers of soaps, textiles and cleaning products on the market. Combined with a minimalist and unique design, you get the recipe for the great popularity that Humdakin has achieved. Below you can read much more about Humdakin's products, history and much more.

Humdakin deals

At Moodings, we always have a number of sharp offers on some of the delicious products from Humdakin. This can be anything from towels and hand soaps to dishcloths and cleaning products. We regularly update our prices, and strive to constantly bring some great deals on Humdakin. If you are looking for a good deal on Humdakin, then you just need to take a look down in our range where you will find a lot of great deals. So you get a super sharp offer on the most sustainable and environmentally friendly products on the market, so you can clean with a clear conscience.

Humdakin towel

Humdakin towels are absolutely amazing, if we have to say so ourselves. They are organic, knitted towels made from 100% GOTS-certified cotton. The towels are ideal for you who want a piece of quality fabric that always provides good absorbency, is durable and not least is sustainable throughout. The towels are available in several different shades and colors, so there is something for every temperament. The towels are produced and designed with a strong inspiration from the Danish nature. The towels from Humdakin are very gentle on the hands, and have phenomenal drying properties.

Humdakin hand soap

Humdakin's hand soap is the epitome of luxury soap that gives you a more luxurious and sustainable everyday life. The hand soap from Humdakin is known for both deep cleansing, while being gentle and gentle on the hands. All hand soaps contain healthy and natural ingredients such as macadamia nut oil and panthenol, which do not dry out your skin, but instead actively go in and help against dry and irritated skin. If you love the little glimpses of luxury in everyday life, then Humdakin's hand soaps are a really good place to start.

Humdakin hand cream

Hand cream from Humdakin is filled with good, nourishing ingredients. They are perfect for you who want a natural product, without compromising on the functional properties. Humdaking's hand creams do not contain perfume, but instead have the natural and good scent of the good ingredients. Hand cream from Humdakin is made to be used by the whole family. So you can calmly apply the hand cream to both your children and your partner.

Humdakin soap - Sustainable cleaning

It always gives a nice and clean feeling to clean in one's home. Unfortunately, for many years this has also meant that a lot of synthetic chemicals have been spread around the home. That need not be the case anymore. Humdakin has made natural, organic and not least sustainable cleaning products.
So you can clean your home with an equally clear conscience, and never worry about what chemicals and perfumes you expose yourself, your family and your home to.

Humdakin karklude

Dishcloths may not immediately be something we associate with quality and design. However, this is only true if you have not yet had a dishcloth from Humdakin in your hand. You immediately notice the difference, and then never go back to the generic disposable dishcloths. Dishcloths from Humdakin are 100% organic, and are knitted in pure GOTS-certified cotton. The dishcloths are not just beautiful and very functional, they are also as sustainable as you could possibly wish for.

Moodings & Humdakin

At Moodings, we are proud and happy to sell the enormously delicious products from Humdakin. At Moodings, we always believe that quality and good design are the way forward, and so does Humdakin. Whatever you choose from their range, you are sure to get a good product where a lot of work has been put into both design, production and the list of ingredients. Want to know more about Humdakin? Then read on below where you get the short story of how Humdakin came into the world.

About Humdakin

Like so many other great entrepreneurial stories, Humdakin started out of a frustration over something that was not yet on the market. Camilla Schram has previously worked in the field of cleaning, and in this connection has often been frustrated by the lack of a selection of sustainable, good and organic cleaning products. This frustration turned into an idea, and the idea triggered a five-year development phase that eventually resulted in what we know today as Humdakin. Humdakin's plan is clear, they will combine aesthetic and modern design with household products in high, sustainable quality.
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