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Shelves and shelf supports

Shelves come in all shapes and sizes and are both practical and beautiful in the modern home. Walls are often where you have the most space - rarely are they cluttered with pictures. Make the most of the space and put up some great-looking pieces to break up the white walls. If you live in a studio apartment, space can be at a premium. For example, put your books on the shelves to create more floor space or use them to showcase your personal photos on a gallery shelf.

Buy shelves online

Why settle for a limited and small selection when you can shop from hundreds of different shelves from a wide range of brands? At Moodings, we have a huge selection of shelves for you to browse from the comfort of your home. At Moodings, you're sure to find the perfect shelf you've been searching for so long. The shelf that is made to fit your home and the wall you have chosen to hang the shelf on. Buy beautiful shelves from delicious brands like &tradition, Anne Linde, We Do Wood, Ferm Living, Frama, House Doctor, AYTM, Mater, Menu and many, many more.

Designer shelves from Moodings

Hover shelves, gallery shelves, shoe shelves or hat shelves in many designs and colours. Fits in the hallway where there is often chaos with jackets, shoes and scarves. In the kitchen, where they can keep track of spices. In the living room, where you can organise your knick-knacks, or in the bathroom, where you can put your perfumes or perhaps lay out your towels. Take a look at the beautiful and stylish design shelves from Menu in light or dark oak - or the beautiful Apart Shelf from Danish House Doctor. The elements themselves are classic and simple, so a copper candlestick or graphic print will surely only make the whole look even more beautiful.

Wall shelves

Wall shelves are a real must in the modern home. We all have a number of things and objects that we love so much that they just need to be put up nicely, both so that they are on display, but also so that they are somewhat safe from the dog, child or whoever is a little clumsy on their feet. Wall shelves come in many different shapes, colours and not least materials. You may have an idea that a wall shelf can only look a certain way, but that's only because you've never seen a wall shelf from some of the most talented design houses. Be impressed and inspired by the exceptionally beautiful wall shelves you'll find at Moodings.

Wall shelves

There is something very special about floating shelves, and they offer some unique possibilities for creating a light and exclusive look in your interior. As well as being a great looking solution, floating shelves are actually a very simple and elegant solution, especially if you're a bit limited on space. Often you come across a situation where you want to hang a shelf but simply don't have the space for a bracket or shelf brackets, and what do you do? Of course, you buy some nice floating shelves in places that require virtually no space. Hanging shelves can be used on their own, or you can be a little more creative and make some sort of shelving system, which will really look great and different if done properly. In this case, you can also satisfy your inner DIY artist and handyman. You can try making a shelving system with floating shelves that are the same colour as your wall. This way you will create the illusion that the shelves are made of the same material as the wall and are specially constructed, which makes for a great looking result. If you are looking for one or more wall shelves, take a look at our range, where you can find wall shelves in many different materials, shapes and colours.

Decorating with shelves

Decorating with shelves can be one of the most beautiful and elegant things in a decor, if you manage to do it properly. There was a time when shelves were mostly a practical piece of furniture, just for functional storage. Today, shelves are so much more than that. At Moodings, shelves are hugely aesthetic and an active contribution to the expression of your home, even without the things you put on it. In addition, if you manage to place some beautiful and appropriate items on it, you will have a very special and beautiful element in your home that you can enjoy every day. With shelves, you have plenty of opportunity to personalise and shape the look in the way you want. You can fill your shelves with every imaginable item, including books, candlesticks, art, pictures, vases and much more. So to make your shelves personal, fill them with anything that says something about you and your decorating style.

Need storage? Use shelves!

We've all been in a situation where we've lacked space for all the things we go and get together over time. For these situations, it's beneficial to think a little creatively and use your empty wall space to create some great storage. If you have a lot of smaller items that you want to store neatly, you could usefully equip your shelves with some smaller baskets to hold all those little random things that you can't quite bring yourself to throw out. This is a particularly good method for anyone who, because of limited square footage, needs to be extra creative in their decor and use of space.
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