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Coffee cups

Coffee cups are an exceptionally important part of most adults' lives, as is coffee. Coffee deserves a nice and functional cup. In our range of coffee cups, you'll find just the right cup for every need and taste. Check out the great selection from well-known brands below.

Huge selection of coffee cups

Although you may not think about it very often, coffee cups play a bigger part in our lives than we think. For many, it's something we use every day, and in many of our cosiest and most enjoyable moments.

At Moodings, you'll find one of the largest and best-looking ranges of coffee cups on the market, in all shapes and sizes. We have modern coffee cups, classic coffee cups, coloured coffee cups, coffee cups with saucers, coffee cups with handles and much more.

Whether you like the quirky and personal ceramic cups with their own unique look or the classic and timeless coffee cups from Royal Copenhagen, you'll find it in our delicious range of coffee cups. At Moodings you can shop for coffee cups from brands like Royal Copenhagen, Broste Copenhagen,

Coffee cups with saucers

There are many opinions on how the perfect cup of coffee should be poured. For many, there's a special nostalgia to being served a cup of hot brewed coffee in a coffee cup with saucer. This lends a special elegance and class that brings to mind a time when coffee was enjoyed in posh and tranquil surroundings with white tablecloths on the table.

Coffee cups with handle

A coffee cup with handle is the perfect coffee cup for those who love to have maximum comfort when enjoying their coffee. At Moodings, we have one of the largest and best selections of coffee cups with handles that are incredibly comfortable to drink from.

Find the right coffee cup

When it comes to finding just the right coffee cup that has the potential to become your new favourite coffee cup to keep you company every morning, there are obviously a lot of things to consider. For example, you need to ask yourself questions like:
  • Should the coffee cup be able to keep warm for a long time?
  • Should the coffee cup be extra comfortable to hold?
  • Should the coffee cup be dishwasher safe?
  • Should the coffee cup be microwavable?
  • Will the coffee cups be used for everyday use, for parties or both?

As you can probably tell, there are plenty of considerations to make. Whatever your answer to the above questions, we're sure you'll find just the right coffee cups in our impressive range.
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