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At Moodings you will find a large and beautiful selection of decanters for all purposes. Whether you need a carafe for water, soft drinks, wine or spirits, you'll find it in our selection. Find your next carafe from one of the many recognised brands.

Carafes for lots of purposes

You can always use a carafe, and a home isn't complete until you have at least one. At Moodings, we have a large and beautiful selection of a wide variety of carafes to suit any purpose. Whether you need carafes for the breakfast table to serve your juice in an appealing and delicious way, iced water for lunch or a full-bodied red wine for dinner, you'll find a carafe to suit the purpose. Many carafes can also be used for hot drinks, such as hot chocolate, which tastes fantastic in winter. Among others, you can shop carafes from delicious brands like Menu, Ferm Living, Frederik Bagger, Hay, Georg Jensen, Holmegaard, Luigi Bormioli, Louise Roe, Muuto, Muubs, Design Letters, Kähler, Bjørn Wiinblad, Rosendahl, Nordal, Lyngby Porcelæn, Stelton and Hasami Porcelain. Each of these brands has created a beautiful and functional carafe. That's why you'll find a huge variety in our selection, ensuring you can find the kind of carafe you're looking for. This includes classic carafes, modern carafes, futuristic carafes and anything else you could want in a carafe. All decanters in our range can be purchased at a price guarantee, ensuring you get the best price. In addition, we also offer free shipping on all orders over 499 DKK.

Beautiful crystal decanters

There is hardly anything more beautiful than a carafe made of real crystal. Crystal has a special brilliance and transparency that you can't help but admire. If you want to make your everyday life and celebrations more beautiful and aesthetic, a crystal decanter is the way to go. At Moodings, you can of course buy exactly this type of carafe, from the renowned brands Louise Roe, Luigi Bormioli and Frederik Bagger, to name but a few. Crystal decanters create a very exclusive atmosphere and are often used to serve expensive wines and spirits, where you want to present the contents in a way that matches the high quality of the wine or spirit.

Carafes with or without lids

There are many different carafes in our range. If you want to divide them into two types, you can divide them into carafes that are equipped with a lid and carafes that are not equipped with a lid.

You will usually use the two types of decanter for 2 different purposes. Decanters with lids are perfect for liquids and contents that need to be able to stand in the fridge to get cold, or to stand outside. This could for example be things like water, juice, lemonade or similar. Carafes without are used more often in situations where you simply need to serve the contents in a nice way. This could be wine or anything else that doesn't necessarily need to be refrigerated or similar.