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Hooks and coat racks


Need a new coat rack? Here you will find coat racks in different designs.

Hooks are indispensable in the Danish home. We often need them in rooms such as the entrance hall, the utility room, the kitchen, the bathroom and the rooms. However, there is a big design difference between whether it is a hook for the bedroom or the hallway. In the hallway and utility room, the hooks should be strong and be able to withstand our outerwear, while in the bedroom they just need to keep some clothes. In the children's room, a coat can hold clothes and possibly also the child's school bag. In the kitchen and bathroom it is towels and vises, respectively. The requirements for the individual hooks and coat racks are therefore dependent on the position of the hook in your home.

Our range includes coat racks and hooks for every need. here you will find large and small hooks as well as coat racks of different lengths. Under each product you will find further information that may influence your choice. The same for everyone are the beautiful designs and the good quality.

If you find your next coat rack here, we will pay for the delivery to the nearest parcel box or your company address. Unless otherwise specified, you have your goods within 1-4 business days.

Not sure which coat rack to give as a gift? On this page you can also buy gift cards, and the recipient can choose their own favorite. Our gift cards can be purchased from 100,- to 1,000,- and delivered in a small cute frame. The gift card is valid for five years, giving the recipient plenty of time to make up their mind.

For questions about assortment, delivery or anything else, please feel free to contact us. We can be contacted every weekday 10-16 by phone, 7199 0090, or by mail to; kunderservice@moodings.com. We will reply to all emails within 24 hours!

Explore and find your next coat rack here!
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