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Menu's philosophy is clear and simple. They want to make the world a better place that's less complicated, and a little bit nicer to wake up to. Treat your home and yourself with the most beautiful design furniture & interiors from Menu Design, one of the most promising Danish design houses. In a relatively short time, Menu has managed to establish itself as one of the strongest and most innovative brands both at home and abroad. Their way of thinking about design and quality is unique. Discover Menu Design at Moodings.

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At Moodings we are pleased and proud to stock a complete and large range from Menu. One of the best things about Menu is that once you fall in love with their unique philosophy and approach to design, you have every opportunity to furnish as much of your home with it as you possibly want. Menu's range is enormous, from the big pieces to the small, important details. You can treat yourself to the beautiful designs from Menu, whether you're looking for a sofa, daybed, bookcase, dining chairs, dining tables or rugs, lamps, salt & pepper sets, side tables and lamps. Menu makes your everyday life a little bit more beautiful and your home more aesthetic and functional.

About Menu

Menu has always had a great interest and fascination in the way people and spaces can be united through good design. Menu here a goal to create furniture, lighting and interiors with meaningful details that are made in high quality with an eye for functionality. These goals create long-lasting relationships between designers, manufacturers and, most importantly, customers. Menu can be found all over the world, but is deeply rooted in the Nordic design philosophy, which they practice by collaborating with a wide range of talented designers from all over Scandinavia.

Menu Furniture

If you're looking for furniture that has a strong aesthetic and is made with formidable quality, then Menu Furniture is probably what you're looking for. Menu has received great recognition for their strong designs in all major furniture, both in terms of the modern classics and new designs For example, their dining chairs have become very popular, especially in combination with some of the stylish and modern dining tables. They are also doing very well in marble, which fits perfectly into the Nordic design philosophy. Furniture from Menu has a particularly minimalist look, which together with the choice of materials and the small details create the whole and unique look that has made Menu's furniture so popular.

Menu Lamps

If you are looking more for lamps and lighting, Menu is also a very strong supplier of this, both in terms of floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling lamps and wall lamps. Menu has an extraordinary ability to combine widely differing materials and expressions to create lighting that is appealing on multiple levels. Among some of the most popular items in this category from Menu, we particularly see the use of marble and brass interacting with the classic and minimalist. The exquisite craftsmanship and unique use of different materials are some of the hallmarks of Menu. Let Menu brighten up your home in every way, with the most beautiful lamps.

Menu Candlesticks

Menu is of course also skilled and adept in the smaller items that make up the details of a home. Among other things, the very beautiful POV candlesticks that can be hung on the wall have become incredibly popular. The idea of hanging lights on the wall is not new, and yet. The way they do it is innovative, and took the industry by storm. Not only were they beautiful when there were no lights in them, when there were actually lights on in them, it was like having a beautiful decoration on the wall that even provides candlelight. See our full selection of ceiling lights and Plinth Marble Tables.

Menu POV Circle

Menu is known for many things, and one of them has to be the enormously beautiful POV candlesticks, which have become hugely popular in record time. POV candlesticks that hang on the wall are available in both circle and square shapes.
The beautiful POV Circle has a stylish, geometric look that will fit into any modern interior where you appreciate the minimalist look. As well as looking great, you also get a really special lighting effect. The lighting from Menu's POV Circle provides some nice and cosy shadows that give the evening hours a special cosiness and presence.

Menu retailer

At Moodings, we're hugely excited and proud to be one of the country's largest retailers of Menu Design. We have a great passion for the aesthetic and minimalist look, which is one of the hallmarks of all the beautiful furniture, interiors and more from Menu Design. If, like us, you have a strong affinity for Scandinavian design, there are few brands that can match Menu in terms of design expression, quality and craftsmanship. Give your home the most beautiful boost with Menu Design, which designs things for people and modern life.

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Whatever you're looking for from Menu, you can find it at Moodings. We have a full selection of all the most popular and new products from Menu. We have pretty much everything your heart desires for your home and interior design.
At Moodings we have a great selection of soap dispensers, plates, dental care, toilet brushes, toilet roll holders, toilet pails, clocks, vases, wine decanters, jars, wall lamps, candle holders, mirrors, bar tables, bar stools, table lamps, benches, hangers, daybeds, glassware, floor lamps, carpets, shelves, jugs, carafes, coat racks, baskets, lounge chairs, ceiling lamps and many other items from Menu. As you can probably guess, you can pretty much furnish your home from head to toe with Menu, if that's what you want. From the really big furniture to the small but important details that add personality and warmth to your home. At Moodings, you can always shop everything from Menu, which you can get at the market's sharpest prices and with fast delivery. If you buy for over 499 DKK, we will of course deliver your order completely free of charge.
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