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Create warmth with the delicious brass design
Have you jumped on the golden brass wave with beautiful elements that spark a light play without equal when the rays of light hit the glossy sides. We must acknowledge that we love the beautiful brass interior, which suits the dark wood look that many have in their homes.

Metal and shimmer is a trend that continues. At the same time, the stylish material creates a minimalist look, but at the same time it fills the room with lots of heat. Often we only pick about the main room of the home, the living room and the kitchen, but how about putting the classic Aston brass lamp from House Doctor up in the hallway and maybe a few brass candlesticks from Louise Roe on the small table by the mirror and seeing what new dimension it gives the room. The fine brass lamps come in different shapes and can easily be combined into a light turmoil that provides delicious lighting in the cozy nook when you are reading in the old armchair.

Design companies such as H. Skjalm P., Menu, House Doctor and Louise Roe are behind the delicious products. If you are the type who likes to combine a little new and a little old, you will definitely fall in love with the beautiful brass designThat has a touch of nostalgia and easily blends in with your other things and creates a whole new experience of your home – try for yourself.

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