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Pedal buckets

Need a nice and stylish pedal bin for the kitchen, bathroom or somewhere else? Check out our gorgeous selection of the best-looking pedal bins, available in a wide range of shapes, colours and sizes. Check out the great selection, available at guaranteed prices, of course.

Large selection of pedal bins at Moodings

At Moodings we have one of the absolute best looking and largest ranges of high quality pedal bins on the market. If you're looking for a pedal bin in a great design, made from the best materials, then our selection is the one for you. Among others, we have beautiful pedal bins from the two renowned brands Menu and Wesco, with the latter in particular being very well known for their delicious pedal bins. Whether you need a large pedal bin for the kitchen, a smaller one for the bathroom, or somewhere else entirely, you're sure to find the right pedal bin in our range.

Pedal bin for the kitchen

If you're also tired of the small bins that are often found in a kitchen, or maybe you're tired of the smell that can come from an open bin, then you might want to swap it for a pedal bin. A pedal bin can both hold much more and keep air out much better than other bins. It's also hugely convenient, as you can throw things out with dirty hands, or full hands, just by stepping on the pedal. A pedal bin in the kitchen is also a great aesthetic element, adding lots of edge and personality.

Large 30L pedal bin

If you're a large family, you'll often find that correspondingly large amounts of rubbish will also arrive. That's why not having to carry out the full bin all the time can be hugely convenient. With a large and attractive 30L pedal bin, you'll have plenty of space and room.

Pedal bin for the bathroom

The obvious and most common place to use a pedal bin is of course in the bathroom. Here, you'll usually go for one that's significantly smaller than it is in the kitchen. At Moodings, we believe that even the most practical items in a home can easily add a lot of beauty. This is certainly the case when you take a look at the beautiful pedal pails for the bathroom in our selection. Here you get plenty of design, practicality and craftsmanship in one simple pedal bin.

Benefits of using a pedal bin

There are many good reasons to use a pedal bin. If you can't think of them, we'd be more than happy to help. First of all, pedal bins are perfect for those who want to avoid a bad smell of garbage. This is because the lid keeps all the odour in, which is more than you can say for regular bins.
Pedal bins are also a very hygienic choice, as you never have to grab a handle or lid, which can especially cause hygiene problems during cooking and the like. Instead, you just pedal and throw out what needs to be thrown out.

Last, but certainly not least, large pedal bins offer much more space, which is a big advantage for most people. You can never have too much space, but you can always lack it.
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