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Royal Copenhagen

Since 1775, Royal Copenhagen has had a passion and love for the colour blue, which symbolises fidelity and secrecy. Passion for blue combined with an incomparable quality has made Royal Copenhagen Denmark's most sought-after and exclusive set in recent times. With Royal Copenhagen you don't just get a set, you get a timeless heirloom that rises above trends and changing fashions. Over time, more and more sets have been added, each contributing something unique that also upholds Royal Copenhagen's values. Whether you are in the Royal House, in the city or in the country, Royal Copenhagen is the set that will always set an impressive table.

Buy Royal Copenhagen at Moodings

At Moodings, you'll find an impressively large selection from Royal Copenhagen. We constantly strive to have the widest range, both of the classic sets, as well as the newer collections. With Royal Copenhagen, you can always set a beautiful and elegant table, suitable for any occasion. You can mix and match the different collections, each contributing something unique while creating an elegant overall impression. Find your new favourite set, or just the piece you're missing, at Moodings.

Royal Copenhagen mugs, plates & bowls

You can never go wrong with Royal Copenhagen mugs, plates and bowls. It's a true classic as a gift or for self-indulgence and home renewal. You can always find a good reason to buy an addition to your own or someone else's Royal Copenhagen collection. Check out our great selection, where you will no doubt find several temptations.

Royal Copenhagen sets

As mentioned earlier, Royal Copenhagen has created many iconic sets over the years, some of which endure to this day, while others are no longer produced, but in turn are still hugely sought-after collectibles. Below we give a brief overview of the different Royal Copenhagen sets you can buy here at Moodings. We look forward to delivering your new Royal Copenhagen set.

Blue Mega Riflet

The Blue Mega Riflet set is one of the most popular Royal Copenhagen sets, and the reason is clear. It is a true modern classic, incorporating elements of both the classic and the modern, creating a unique look that has impressed and gained popularity since its inception around the turn of the millennium. The Blue Mega Rifle was designed by Karen Kjældgård-Larsen, who made Danish design history with her innovative take on the familiar floral pattern.

White Riflet

White Riflet is the oldest set along with, and is the basic form of, the legendary Musselmalet Riflet set. White Riflet is completely free of patterns and colours, making it a very light and classic alternative to the other sets. White Rifle goes with everything and compliments everything, making it the ideal base plate from which to build a beautiful table setting.

Royal Copenhagen Christmas set

The classic Christmas set, officially called Stjerne Riflet Jul, is another classic on the list. We all have different things and events that mark the fact that it is now Christmas in earnest. For many of us, that event is the beloved Christmas set being brought out of hiding. Royal Copenhagen Christmas dinnerware has become the synonym and image of the classic Danish Christmas, and nothing decorates a Christmas table better.

Black Mega Riflet

Black Mega Riflet is created 6 years after the original design, Blue Mega Riflet. With Black Mega Riflet you get a set that is both elegant and modern at the same time. In many ways, Black Mega Riflet is a testament to how much you can reinvent classic design without losing its core value and original design philosophy.

Royal Copenhagen Flora

Flora is inspired by the exclusive Flora Danica Collection, as well as the Danish nature. The set was designed by Anja Vang Kragh, who had a desire to create a design that could bring the aesthetics of nature into the living rooms of Danes on an equal footing with flowers and other plants.

Musselmalet Riflet

Musselmalet Riflet was the first set made by Royal Copenhagen back in 1775. Although several hundred years have passed, the craftsmanship and design still survive and remain in demand today. If you want timeless porcelain, there is no better choice than the Musselmalet Riflet. Rarely has a design been created in Denmark that is so timeless, elegant and classic, and that's saying something.

Create the most beautiful table setting with Royal Copenhagen

At Royal Copenhagen, they've always believed that setting a table is a personal thing. A table setting reflects both the personality of the host, as well as the importance of the event. The perfect and executed table setting is an art form that the host has developed and perfected over many years. The same can be said of Royal Copenhagen, who have perfected their range and sets over the last many, many years, so that it is always Royal Copenhagen that you turn to when setting the perfect table. Whether your table setting is super formal, casual or somewhere in between, you can do it with the beautiful sets from Royal Copenhagen. However, the vast majority will agree that it can actually be difficult to use Royal Copenhagen without it automatically becoming hugely elegant and classic to look at. With Royal Copenhagen you have almost endless possibilities when it comes to table setting. Mix and match everything from expressions, colors and types of frames. Set the most elegant and timeless table with Royal Copenhagen, always guaranteed to lift any table setting to new heights.

Great selection from Royal Copenhagen

If you can't stand all the beautiful things from Royal Copenhagen, then you're going to love our huge selection of Royal Copenhagen. No matter what type of set, paint, colour, cup, mug, plate, dish, Royal Copenhagen vase or anything else from Royal Copenhagen you're after, you're always sure to find a great deal at Royal Copenhagen. We have a virtually complete range of all the most popular items and product types. Whether you're looking for the classic or modern Royal Copenhagen sets, you'll find them at Moodings at a great price and with fast delivery. If, against all odds, we don't have the Royal Copenhagen item you're looking for, we're always here to do what we can to help. Either by ordering it home, or by advising you on where else you might be able to find it. We are always ready to help you. Both on the phone and via our contact form. Call us on +45 71 99 00 90.

Elegant vases from Royal Copenhagen

Looking for a beautiful new vase in an elegant and timeless design? Royal Copenhagen has created countless vases over the years that have gone on to become design classics. For example, the beautiful Mussel Riflet Vase is one of the most classic pieces of porcelain and vases. The Blue Mega Riflet vase is also hugely popular, and has been ever since it was launched. It is a modern classic in the best sense of the word, which is obvious to anyone. If you're into the slightly more vibrant and unique, we highly recommend taking a look at the beautiful Hydrangea vase, which as the name suggests, depicts a beautiful hotensia. Available in both white and blue, both are hugely beautiful and unique vases that are sure to attract attention.

Other sets from Royal Copenhagen

In addition to the above, you will also be able to find the other sets from Royal Copenhagen, which we of course always deliver at a sharp and competitive price.
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