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Your home is your base and your base should be quiet and comfortable surroundings. With a home where you can have peace of mind, you can also more easily recharge for tomorrow's challenges. With the right design, you can create this ideal base.

On this page you will find a wide selection of bowls and trays. All in a unique design, so there is something for you! Here you will find everything from solid bowls to the light ones made of threads. Here are small hills, but also larger ones that are practical in the daily chores and barn. The brands are everything from Nur to Sej Design and Menu. So take a look around and create yourself a need. In addition to the wide selection of different brands, there is also good variation between the prices. We therefore offer fair prices on all these delicious bowls and trays.

If you have questions about assortment, delivery or a specific order, you are welcome to contact us. We can be contacted Monday to Friday between 10-16 on telephone 7199 0090. You can also write an email to kundeservice@moodings.com, we answer emails within 24 hours.

As we know the desire for short delivery, we offer all our customers free and short delivery. This means we pay for the shipment, you just have to be ready to receive your goods within 1-4 working days after ordering. We call it a good deal! Order your next design bowl today, we look forward to the deal!
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