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It rarely takes much to breathe new life into the hallway. Try replacing your old mirror with a new one and see what effect it has on the space. It's sure to attract a lot of attention when people come to visit. Because naturally, we're checking to see if our make-up is on correctly or if the wind has messed with our hair. And "hey, haven't you got a new one?" is asked. Mirrors are stylish in their own right, but you can quickly add a little warmth to your interior by, for example, placing a small piece of furniture with some decorative items next to it. That way you create a whole and give your home soul and your personal touch.

New mirror, new dimensions

Have you tried hanging a mirror in a small room, perhaps the hallway or a bedroom? It creates a whole new dimension and impression of greater depth in the room if you use them on the right walls. So where a picture might seem a little heavy, the mirror adds a new experience to the room beyond being a decoration of the home. It doesn't have to be boring - at Moodings you can choose whether you want a round, square or rectangular mirror. Hang it on the wall like our elegant Bolina in copper from House Doctor, stand it on the floor like the stylish Chic black tilting mirror or place it on a table like the stunning Gridy Me Mirror from Menu. Unleash your imagination and try a design you might not normally choose - and look at the result, wow!

Buy your mirror at Moodings

If you're looking for a new mirror to liven up your home, there's no better place to go hunting than Moodings. At Moodings, we have the country's best selection of mirrors from all the top designers and brands in Denmark. At Moodings, we have great insight into contemporary trends and the Nordic interior design philosophy. From this knowledge we have put together our exclusive selection of the beautiful mirrors that you will find on the page below. We are experts in shipping and transporting fragile goods, including mirrors. When you buy your mirror from Moodings, you can be sure that we will do our very best to ensure that your mirror arrives in perfect condition, and should the worst happen, we will replace it as quickly as possible. Explore our world of enchanting mirrors that bring life, light and joy to your home. We strive to stock a range of mirrors that not only have a practical function, but also aesthetic ones that actively contribute to your home's décor and expression.

Our range of mirrors

As mentioned earlier, we probably have the best selection of mirrors in Denmark, at least if we do say so ourselves. Whatever type of mirror you're looking for, we have a great selection in the most beautiful designs. Below you can read more about the different types of mirrors you can buy at Moodings.

Round mirrors

We have a large selection of the beautiful and very elegant round mirrors that have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. A round mirror is an elegant and aesthetic solution that does not require a lot of space. At the same time, the round mirror also provides a nice break on the many square shapes that both furniture and interiors often have. Round mirrors can also be used to create a more relaxed and informal look that suits Nordic minimalism perfectly.

Floor mirrors

Another popular type of mirror is of course the beautiful floor mirror, of which you can find a large selection at Moodings. Floor mirrors will usually take up a lot of space in a room, and therefore also be an active part of the decor in that room. The large mirrors have an almost majestic look, which in addition to being beautiful in themselves, also create a great reflection that both makes the room seem larger and brightens up a room.

Wall mirrors

Classic wall mirrors will forever be an important part of many interior designs, which is why we naturally have a great selection of these, where talented designers have used their innovative eyes to innovate and rethink both the shape, form and glass of the classic wall mirror. There is something for every taste and temperament in our range.


Table mirrors can be both hugely practical and hugely beautiful. At Moodings, we've selected a range of the most beautiful table mirrors, ideal for placing on a makeup table, console table or dresser. As well as being able to mirror, they also add a new and beautiful element to your decor.

Create new expressions with mirrors

There are many ways to renew the look of your home, and one of the easiest is with mirrors. Mirrors, as we said, not only create a new element in themselves, but can also change the whole mood and light of a room, especially if placed with a little care. For example, if you need more natural light in a room, a mirror can be a great way to create a lot of reflection of the natural light. If you have any questions about our products, please don't hesitate to contact us on 71 99 00 90.

Why you should decorate with mirrors

A mirror isn't just a piece of framed glass that you can reflect in. A beautiful mirror can be a way of creating a mood in a room, not least by bringing light and spaciousness into the room, leaving you with a brighter, more positively perceived space. There are many ways to do this. Of course, we'd love to help you on your quest to find the best way to decorate with mirrors. That's why we've put together some great tips on how best to decorate with mirrors. Read the tips below:

Create more space with mirrors

If you manage to place your mirror in just the right spot, you can actually give the room a whole different feel in terms of depth and spaciousness. This is especially true in rooms that aren't terribly large. For example, you can make a small bathroom, hallway or walk-in-closet look much bigger by placing the mirror somewhere where it can reflect the light.

Create a light corner with a mirror

If you live in a house or flat that could do with another window or two, you'll know that there are some corners that can get a bit dark. This is especially true of those that are poorly positioned in terms of windows and light. Fortunately, this can be remedied, and all you need is a mirror. In fact, a mirror can perform much the same function as a window, if positioned correctly. Place your mirror somewhere where it has the opportunity to reflect natural light, and your recesses will be brightened.

Keep the style with beautiful mirrors

Home decor and personal style are similar in many ways. In any case, what they have in common is that it's the whole and the overall look that's important. But how on earth are you supposed to assess your whole oufit if you can't see it together? With large mirrors from Moodings, you can see everything from head to toe, and don't have to settle for just the top part of your body. Mirrors mean you can always be sure to walk out the door looking sharp.
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