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Clothes racks

You're an exceptionally lucky person if you couldn't use a bit more space for your clothes. With a clothes rack, you'll have plenty of extra space for your clothes, and you'll also have a stylish feature in your interior that's more modern and personal than a classic wardrobe. See our great selection of clothes racks below.

Get plenty of space with clothes racks

As mentioned before, the vast majority of people can always use a little more space for clothes. Of course, this is especially true if you have little or no closet space, as is the case in many of the slightly older apartments that many people live in. In the big city in particular, it can be a good idea to get a clothes rack if there are several people in a single apartment, all of whom have to share whatever wardrobe space is available. With a clothes rack, you also manage to make use of height, which can be a huge advantage if you don't have a lot of square metres to spare.

Clothes rack with space for shoes

While you're already making the most of height with a clothes rack, you might as well go all the way and get a clothes rack that can accommodate both regular clothes and footwear. At Moodings, we have several different clothes racks that not only have room for all your nice clothes, but also for shoes underneath. This can of course be in the form of a shelf that is specially designed to place your shoes on. You can also simply place your shoes underneath, even if there is no dedicated shelf for them. By doing this, you also save spending space and money on a shoe rack, but instead get a complete storage element in the form of a clothes rack.

Create an aesthetic element with clothes racks

A clothes rack is many things. It's practical, functional and can also look really good if you buy a nice clothes rack and combine it with some matching hangers. Many people no longer just use a clothes rack as something practical to hide away in the corner, but as one of the most striking and supporting pieces of furniture in a bedroom. A clothes rack is an obvious way to add some personality and presence to your bedroom. It also shows that you can easily combine practicality with aesthetics. Besides, it's always nice to be able to display your best clothes in the best possible way.

Large selection of clothes racks

At Moodings we have a beautiful and impressive range of different types, shapes and sizes of clothes racks. All our clothes racks are made with passion for design and with the best materials, so you can always be sure to get a clothes rack of the best quality. Among others, we have clothes racks from HAY, Nordal, Malling Living, Muubs, Ferm Living, By Lassen, House Doctor, Friends & Founders, Ariake, Bent Hansen, Hübsch and not least AYTM. Find the perfect clothes rack for your home at Moodings, where all clothes racks can be purchased at the best possible price through our price guarantee.

Clothes rack for the wall

If you're looking for a clothes rack that's made to hang on the wall, we can do that too here at Moodings. Among other things, we have the enormously beautiful Copenhagen clothes rack from Muubs, which is both to be mounted on the wall and rests on the ground. This takes up minimal floor space, but in turn provides plenty of room for clothes.

Different types of clothes racks

Clothes racks come in many different shapes, colours and materials. This is very much the case when you look at our range. Here you can be more or less sure to find just the clothes rack you've been dreaming of, and which will fit perfectly into your home. See more great products from Hay.
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