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Water glass


Beautiful water glasses make your everyday life and the small moments in life a little bit better. Find the most beautiful water glasses from popular brands. Whether you're looking for coloured glass, crystal or something completely different, you'll find it in our beautiful selection below ---

Make everyday life more beautiful with water glasses

Water tastes very much the same. However, there are some things you can do to make water, juice, lemonade or soft drinks taste a whole lot better. One of the best and easiest ways to make things a little more appealing and beautiful is by using delicious water glasses.

You have to drink a fair amount of water every single day, so you might as well make it an aesthetically pleasing experience every time. Beautiful water glasses make your everyday life more beautiful in so many ways.

After all, setting a table, both for everyday and for parties, is also both easier and more fun if you have some beautiful water glasses to do it with. At Moodings we have a huge range of the most beautiful water glasses in the highest quality. Whether you are into crystal water glasses, coloured water glasses, small water glasses, large water glasses, classic water glasses or modern water glasses, you will find it at Moodings.

Our large range of water glasses comes from well-known brands such as Ferm Living, Holmegaard, Luigi Bormioli, Rosendahl, Lynby Porcelain, Louise Roe, Stelton.

All the beautiful water glasses from these delicious brands can be bought at the absolute best prices on the market, and if we don't already offer them ourselves, you can always take advantage of our price guarantee.

Water glass maintenance

Once you've found and bought just the right water glasses, which you've naturally become enormously fond of, you'll naturally want to take good care of them so that they not only last as long as possible, but also stay looking nice and shiny for a long time. But how?

One of the most important things about keeping your glasses looking good is paying attention to how you clean them. One of the best things is to avoid using too much heat. Too much heat can lead to cracks, limescale and glass pests.

So if you wash them in the dishwasher, choose a short programme that uses low-heat water. In addition, it's also important to think about your use of detergent and rinse aid, both of which can wear down your water glass.

With that in mind, it's also much more appealing to buy some nice, high-quality glasses, as they can last much longer and thus be quite a good investment.

How many cl are in a water glass?

There can be a big difference in how many cl can be in a water glass. However, most water glasses have a capacity of somewhere between 30 and 35 cl. If the glass is much smaller, it will be more of a spirit glass, and if it is much larger, it will be more like a beer glass.

Whether you like the large or small water glass is a matter of taste, both functionally and aesthetically.

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