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Vases & pots

At Moodings, we have a beautiful selection of aesthetic vases in high quality that fit the modern, urban, Nordic home. Vases form an important part of the home's details, which provide a beautiful and beautiful whole.

Large selection of vases

At Moodings you will find one of the market's best and most beautiful selection of all sales vases. We work hard to offer a wide range of vases from some of the most popular and in demand brands. For example, you will find a large selection of vases from Hein Studio, & Tradition Louise Roe, Hay Menu, Lyngby Porcelæn, Royal Copenhagen, By Lassen, House Doctor and many more. Our range of vases covers everything from the classic, to the new and more innovative. Our selection of vases covers a wide range of different shapes, colors and sizes. This not only makes the range wide, it also allows you to be inspired by the many different vases. You also have ample opportunity to mix and match different types of vases that compliment each other or create beautiful contrasts. Vases are the perfect way to display flowers, as well as a beautiful decoration in itself.
Vases have always been a part of us humans' homes. We have always had something to store and exhibit, and have always had a desire and a need to do it in an aesthetic way. This has not changed yet, and probably will not in the future. Create a beautiful and exclusive look in your home with the most beautiful vases from Moodings.

Vases for the home

Vases come in an incredible number of expressions and contain a lot of functions. Vases can be used in all rooms of the home, on every conceivable piece of furniture. For example, you can make a kind of exhibition in your window sill, where you put together some beautiful vases that together create a beautiful unit. You can advantageously do this by combining different shapes, heights and colors that fit well together. In addition, you can of course also use the various vases for flowers, both fresh flowers and everlasting bouquets. When it comes to vases, you have a great opportunity to be creative and unfolding in the locations, combinations and uses of the vases. For example, a beautiful vase with fresh flowers can look unbelievably good in a bathroom or in an entrance hall.

Buy your vase at Moodings

At Moodings, you can shop from the comfort of your home in the comfort of our large and beautiful selection of vases. We look forward to sending you your next vase that fits perfectly into your living room, hallway, dining room, room or similar. You can carefully examine our selection carefully so that you can find the perfect vase for you. For example, are you the type who appreciates the small details, or are you more the classic type who appreciates simplicity and minimalism? No matter what type and preferences you are leaning towards, you can find the vase here at Moodings.

Find your next design vase at a fair price!

As Danes, our home means a lot, and the radiance of our home is just an extension of ourselves. We make ourselves vulnerable in our homes, but why not do it in style? It is the little things that count, and here vases and pots come into the picture. On this page you will find beautiful design vases and elegant flower pots that can give your home the final look. So whether the window sill needs a renewal via a design vase, or it is the dining table that should have the credit, you will find competent competitors on this page. Several of our selected designs come in different sizes and colors, it increases the chance that you will find just your next designer vase! On this page you can find design vases from brands such as Lyngby By Hilfling, House Doctor, H Skjalm P and others. In addition, we offer free delivery, so you do not have to add a transport cost on top of the price. You do not have to worry about the delivery time either! We send your designer vase so you have it within 1-4 working days after ordering. So no matter which vase you want, it is within reach when you shop with us. If there are questions along the way, about assortment, delivery or anything else, we can be contacted every weekday 10-16. We can be contacted by phone, 7199 0090, or by email to kunderservice@moodings.com, we will respond within 24 hours. Go exploring and find your next design vase here. We look forward to sending your favorite designer vase home to you!
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