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Laundry basket

At Moodings, you'll find a stylish range of designer laundry baskets that are not only practical for storing your dirty laundry, but also add to your home's interior design. Check out our entire fine selection below from the best brands ---

Large selection of laundry baskets

If you need a new laundry basket that doesn't just look like everyone else's, there's no better place to find it than at Moodings. We have a large and beautiful selection of laundry baskets designed by the most talented designers, so that their aesthetic expression actively contributes to your interior design, instead of just being a boring practical object. In addition, they are all designed with usability in mind, so you can always be sure of a functional laundry basket that will store your laundry for years without getting worn out or losing its charm. At Moodings, we always have the best selection of laundry baskets on the market from some of the absolute most popular brands in Denmark, including Ferm Living, House Doctor, HAY, Nordal, and Lillerød. All of these brands are widely known for creating top quality products with modern and elaborate designs. You can finally leave your laundry basket out without having to worry about compromising on your home decor.

Laundry basket with lid

A lot of people want a laundry basket with a lid, which is understandable when you see the range of them from Moodings. A lidded laundry basket is perfect for those who don't want a clear view of dirty laundry, but want to hide it away and let the focus be on the beautiful laundry basket. For this purpose, we have several different lidded laundry baskets from different brands. For example, both House Doctor and Nordal have designed some enormously beautiful laundry baskets with lids, so you don't see the laundry, but instead just a big and beautiful basket. A lid is not only good for aesthetics, it can also be enormously useful if you need to transport the laundry basket to the washing machine and don't want to worry about whether you've dropped anything or not. A lid also allows you to keep it in your bedroom, guest room or hallway, for example, without feeling like you're standing in a mess or a laundry room. Instead, it's tucked away in the finest way, so all that's left is great design and aesthetics.

Woven laundry baskets

If you're not a big fan of either plastic or fabric when it comes to choosing a material for laundry baskets, there are certainly other options, including the very popular braided laundry baskets. Braided laundry baskets do something the others can't. Firstly, the living and organic material of wood is always a hit if you like to have some warmer and more vibrant elements in your home decor. Secondly, wicker laundry baskets are extremely durable and will not be affected by moisture and dirt in the same way as fabric, for example. So you can have the laundry basket for a really long time without having to worry about wear and tear. At Moodings we have an exclusive range of woven laundry baskets in different sizes, shapes and shades, each with its own special and beautiful design.

Practical designer laundry baskets

A laundry basket can be a difficult size for any designer, as it needs to be a perfect balance and trade-off between the functional and aesthetic. Luckily, we have selected a great range of designer laundry baskets that have achieved just this balance. Although the laundry baskets look tremendous, this has in no way negated their practicality, quite the contrary. All laundry baskets have been thought through down to the smallest detail, so they are designed to survive anything you can throw at a laundry basket.

Hay laundry baskets

Hay always guarantees to create the most beautiful things for the home, which they have truly lived up to with their range of laundry baskets. The laundry baskets are some of the best looking in their genre, and have that usual and familiar Scandinavian minimalism that we love and admire HAY for. The laundry baskets are made of durable quality plastic, and are designed by the two renowned designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec. The laundry baskets are available in two different sizes and different colours. The large size is perfect for storing laundry stationary, while the smaller is perfect for transporting laundry to and from the washing machine. The HAY laundry basket is available in grey, nougat, army, soft yellow and soft blue. HAY laundry baskets are perfect for those who never want to compromise on Scandinavian quality and aesthetics, even in the smallest details.

House Doctor laundry baskets

House Doctor laundry baskets are a perfect example of what House Doctor does best, creating beautiful design in every room of the home and in the smallest details. As always, House Doctor has created a wide range of laundry baskets, available in different fabrics, styles, shapes, sizes and with or without lids. At Moodings, you can always shop for just the laundry basket from House Doctor that you want, and on top of that at guaranteed prices and with fast delivery.

Keep your laundry organised with stylish laundry baskets

If there's one thing that runs through every home, it's laundry. Some homes may have more than others, but everyone has laundry. It can be a nightmare to keep track of if you don't have the right laundry baskets to keep it organized. With the beautiful laundry baskets from Moodings, you can keep track of all your laundry so it doesn't take up space, get messy or stress you out unnecessarily, but is just ready to be thrown in the washing machine. Do yourself a favour and bring order to chaos with the most stylish laundry baskets, which come in all shapes, sizes, forms and materials.

Avoid unnecessary washing with laundry baskets

There are many ways to avoid too much laundry, and there are many good reasons to do so. Unnecessary washing is both bad for the environment and a waste of time. Many of our clothes are washed far too often, and in many cases this is because we simply don't have somewhere to store the clothes we have been wearing but which don't need washing.
By purchasing an extra laundry basket, you can store the clothes that don't need to be washed yet, but also don't need to go back in the closet. This saves you from washing more than you really need to, as well as doing something good for the environment.

Find the right laundry basket

Not everyone wants to keep their laundry basket on display. However, this is probably because it doesn't go with the rWhen your laundry basket stands out and is a bit of a thorn in your side, it goes without saying that you'd rather just put it away. But it doesn't have to be that way. By choosing a laundry basket that fits in with the rest of your interior, you can easily make it an active part of your decor that you don't want to hide away, but proudly show off. At Moodings, we only stock laundry baskets that you can proudly leave on display. Our range of laundry baskets are designed to be an active part of your home, not to be hidden away, but proudly displayed as an important element of your bathroom. Find the perfect laundry basket for your home in our range, and get free shipping on all orders over £499. At the same time, we offer a price guarantee on all our items, so you can get the best price available.
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