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Have you fallen in love with one of our products, we would like to finance your purchase - and of course with the market's best solution in collaboration with Santander Consumer Bank. We think everyone must have the opportunity to get exactly what they want when they want it.

Fast and easy funding

We offer funding in collaboration with Santander Consumer Bank, and this is your guarantee for a quick, easy and secure trade.

You manage it all from the computer and there is a short way from application until you get answers, and then you can complete your purchase. You get rid of the trunk with printing a loan contract that you subsequently submit to the lender. With us it becomes all done in minutes.

You can share the payment from 2,000, - to 15,000, - over 10 months complete at no cost.

Example: Buy for 5,000, - and pay 500, - a month for 10 months.

If you want to act for more or do you need a longer maturity, you can act for up to 60,000, - and share the amount up to 12, 24 or 36 months. The only cost is a monthly fee of 59, - in the period you have the payment started.


Buy Now, Pay Later

If you choose funding, it means you can buy your product now and pay later. That way you no longer just dream of what you want you, you can actually get it right away!

Do you have any questions?

Do you experience problems in the application process, or do you have questions about financing and loan terms, contact Santander Consumer Bank on Tel.: 70219011