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Terms of trade


The following sales and delivery terms apply to all supplies from Moodings.com. The conditions apply in the case where no other written agreements have been entered into between the buyer and Moodings.com.

Payment of the item.

Every time you order an item through Moodings.com, we send an order confirmation to you as a customer, after which your order is packed and sent by place. Contains your order order goods, these will be sent as soon as possible after we receive them in stock. The money will be drawn immediately after booking and the expected delivery time will appear on the product page. Contains your order only items that are in stock at Moodings.com, the money will first be deducted from your debit card when the order has shipped.

EAN Ordering

We would like to receive EAN orders from public institutions. Just enter your EAN no at checkout and select EAN order as a payment method. We point out that we impose an administrative fee of EUR 10,- using EAN Order.

Delivery time and transportation

Delivery of goods from Moodings.com is considered to happen when the customer has been given the goods. All orders ordered through Moodings.com is sent with GLS or independent hauliers, unless otherwise stated during product display. The goods are sent within a maximum of 72 hours after ordering, unless otherwise stated on the product display. Some items can be in several item numbers, and demand collection. These item numbers may differ from the product display. Delivery takes place after it in Checkout selected shipping method and will usually happen within 1-2 business days from the sending. In special cases, other cargo solutions will be used. Styled delivery time is indicative and thus can be waived.

The risk of the goods

The risk of goods passes to the buyer reaches the right of withdrawal, after 30 days from receipt, expires. The item has been damaged or deteriorated after the buyer has received it, he / she retains his right of withdrawal if the damage or deterioration is not due to negligence or lack of care from his / her side.

It is recommended to store the original packaging as the item knows if necessary. Complaint or injury is recommended returned in original packaging. This also applies to goods that are not assembled on delivery.


Any errors or defects in products / goods delivered from Moodings.com, must be invoked within 2 months of you discovered the error. It is the customer's duty to indicate and on demand show how the error or defect is expressed. If the customer discovers an error, this right contact with Moodings.com. The customer can basically only complain about errors that appear within two years of the product delivered to the customer. For limited sustainability goods, the customer's complaint option is delimited by the durability period, Moodings.com has asked the customer in views or as shown in the product's packaging. The customer can, as a consumer, choose whether the item must be repaired or exchanged. The exception to this rule is whose exchange is impossible or will result in disproportionate costs for Moodings.com.

Right of withdrawal

Moodings.com provides 30 days withdrawal, valid from the day you receive the item. If you regret the purchase, Moodings.com must be informed this no later than 30 days after the day you received the item. You have a duty to return the item in the same condition and quantity, as it is received, which also applies to the packaging and info signs on the item. The customer holds the costs associated with returning the item.

Any return of an item is recommended to happen via the freight supplier who has delivered the product, and take place via our return system at Moodings.com to get a faster processing and return of the purchase price.

Duty of enlightenment

Agreements (purchase orders) can be concluded in Danish or English and stored by the company for 5 years, according to the Accounting Act.

Discount codes

We regularly issue discount codes that either give a percentage discount or a discount in kroner. A maximum of one (1) discount code per purchase can be used. The discount code cannot be combined with any other offers or campaigns. When attempting to bypass this, the system will cancel the order. There cannot be used discount codes for purchasing gift cards unless otherwise stated.

Gift card codes

Gift card codes issued by Moodings ApS have a validity of 5 years from issuance.

Price and payment

On Moodings.com there is the opportunity to pay with Dankort and international credit cards. All prices at Moodings.com - on the web address http://www.moodings.com is incl. VAT.

Applicable to Greenland and the Faroe Islands: Payment takes place based on Post Danmark's "Carry On" (aircraft) applicable rates.

From February 15, it is possible to use the common ODR platform for the treatment of complaints concerning the shop. The link to the ODR platform is: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.